Friday, April 29, 2016

Alex Brizzi Confused About His Sexuality Puts On A Pee Soaked Onesie Walks Into WBFF FOX 45 Says The World Is Gonna End & Gets Shot In The Butt By The Cops!

The man who was shot by police Thursday after walking into a Baltimore TV station wearing an animal costume and a fake bomb vest has been described by his father as having a troubled mental history and possible suicidal tendencies. Speaking hours after the incident, Edward Brizzi told local media his son, Alex Brizzi, was the man inside the animal costume. The 25-year-old was shot after threatening to detonate a bomb - which turned out to be made of chocolate bars wrapped in tinfoil - inside the Fox 45 offices. Brizzi, who according to his father had recently broken up with his girlfriend, told an office security guard he wanted the station to view the contents of a flash drive he was carrying. The flash drive contained a video in which Brizzi argued the government is covering up the truth about 'black holes and the sun,' the security guard said. The astronomy-themed conspiracy theory appeared to be linked to what Brizzi's father said was a 'vision' that his son had. According to the father, Brizzi had a 'vision from God' that made him believe the world was going to end on June 3. After the police shooting, Brizzi was transported in serious but stable condition to a local hospital with gunshot wounds to the neck, wrist, leg and buttock, officials and family members said. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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