Monday, February 13, 2017

Jenny Santos Pretending To Fly Off The Oculus Escalator Fell Her Death......

The New Jersey rowing instructor who tragically fell to her death while riding the escalator at the Oculus transit hub in the World Trade Center lost her balance as she was 'horsing around' at 5:30am on Saturday, according to sources close to the investigation. Jenny Santos, 29, was 'pretending to be flying' as if she were a superhero by 'laying prone on the handrail' of the escalator moments before her death, according to the New York Daily News. As she was role-playing, Santos lost her balance and fell 34 feet from the street level to the C1 level on the main concourse, according to the Daily News. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>>

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  1. Her mother is attempting a "wrongful death" lawsuit, trying to put the blame on the WTC hub's escalator, not her daughter's reckless idiocy.