Saturday, February 18, 2017

SINS OF GLUTTONY #28: 550lb-Woman, 75, Found Caked In Filth With Her Skin Molded To Her Chair After Sitting In Chair For 7 Months!

First read the story.

Then read from the Summa of St. Thomas on the sin of Gluttony

And know that the USA is full of Gluttons.
An elderly woman was found stuck in her living room chair surrounded in her own feces and urine after having sat in it for months. Emergency response crews required hazmat suits to remove Barbara Foster, 75, from her Springfield Township home in Ohio on Thursday. The 550-pound woman had been sitting in the same place since July, causing her body to weaken and her skin to mold to the shape of the chair Lucas County Sheriff's report said. The smell coming from the home was so strong, officials could smell it from the sidewalk, WKRN reported. Foster was screaming in pain as she had become so weak that her bones were breaking when EMS carried her out of the house. She was taken to the University of Toledo Medical Center to be treated. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>
Question 148. Gluttony
  1. Is gluttony a sin?
  2. Is it a mortal sin?
  3. Is it the greatest of sins?
  4. Its species
  5. Is it a capital sin?
  6. Its daughters

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