Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Atheist Michael Tate Reed Vehicle Ramming Attack: Plows Into Ten Commandments Monument At Arkansas Capitol

A 6-foot-tall stone Ten Commandments monument installed Tuesday on the Arkansas Capitol grounds was toppled less than 24 hours later after a 32-year-old Arkansas man drove a vehicle into the statue, apparently while streaming the act live on Facebook, officials said. Chris Powell, a spokesman with the Secretary of State's Office, said he was called early Wednesday and told a man drove a vehicle through the monument. That driver — identified in an arrest report as Michael Tate Reed of Van Buren — was arrested by Capitol police shortly after, Powell said. News reports indicate Reed was previously accused of destroying a Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma. Source


  1. um....he's not an Atheist. Not sure where you got that information. He is, in fact- a very dedicated Theist of your Abrahamic God.

    1. LOL! Thanks. Still he's an Atheist for if he did believe in God he would be a practicing Catholic! LOL!