Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fornicating FLAMEFEST17 Held In Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent! MUSLIM REFUGEES FREE ADMISSION!

Hundreds of kinky revellers are descending on a sleepy English town for a sex festival featuring an S&M dungeon, an 'adult play pen' run by dominatrixes and bondage wrestling workshops. Flamefest17 in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, will also host lessons in erotic writing, fetish play equipment, luxury hot tubs, sword-swallowing and "human hungry hippos" . The event, for which partygoers have paid £300 to stay in luxury boutique tents, will include dance DJs playing into the early hours, Kent Live reported . Photography is banned inside the festival and the website says about the dress code: "Festival wear and fetish wear will go down well, but bear in mind that nudity is only permitted in the adult play marquee." And the website adds: "Sex, nudity and BDSM activities are STRICTLY confined to the adult play marquee and your tent." Source

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