Russia: Jewess Witch Anastasia Onegina KIlled Dmitry Sinkevich During BDSM Sex Then Dismembered His Body In Satanic Sacrifice.....

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Woman, 21, ‘killed boyfriend during sex in Satanic ritual before dismembering him’

A young woman killed her boyfriend during sex before dismembering his body in a Satanic sacrifice ritual, prosecutors claim. The remains of Dmitry Sinkevich were found in Anastasia Onegina’s fridge in her home in Oryol, Russia. Gruesome police reports state that the 24-year-old victim’s arms, legs and penis had been severed after he died.It is feared the body was dismembered so it resembled Satanic idol Baphomet – and Mr Sinkevich and Onegina, 21, were known to be interested in the occult, as well as BDSM sex. Lawyer Yulia Minazova said: ‘Fingers were cut off that Baphomet usually folds inwards in images. ‘And he has cloven hooves, which seems similar to the severed toes on Dmitry’s feet. ‘Many sources describe Baphomet with blond curly hair. Dmitry had the same.’ Experts say the barman’s death coincided with the last night for sacrifice in the lunar cycle. Source