Sunday, February 21, 2016

Horny Fat Female French Teacher Jacyln McLaren Arrested For Raping Four Boys As Young As Twelve!

A female teacher has been accused of carrying out a three-year string of sex attacks against children as young as 12, according to police. Jacyln McLaren, 36, who is also known as Jackie Jones, a French teacher from Stirling, Ontario, is facing 36 sex crime charges against four children dating back to 2013. McLaren, who is employed by the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board, appeared in court Friday where she was freed on $100,000 bond. Hasting was told she cannot have any contact with males aged under 18, go to places where young people meet, or leave the house without a parent accompanying her. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Video: Muslim Slaps China Girl For Refusing To Dance With Him! China Girl Beats The Hell Out Of The Muslim

White Girl Lust For Black Boy...Raped & Murdered In....3....2......1....

A young woman has publicly shamed her racist father after he sent a letter saying her family would leave her homeless and never speak to her again if she continued to date a black man. Stephanie Hicks from Keller, Texas, shared the vile note on Twitter in which she was told she had 'disrespected her family in every way' by having a boyfriend with a different skin colour to her. The dad, who claimed to be a Christian, gave her a final ultimatum - saying there were three empty suitcases waiting for her belongings to be packed in if she stayed with her partner, called Nike. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

White Chick Danielle Jones, 23, Beaten Into A Coma By Black Roommate During Rough Sex With Black Man Byron Mitchell, 35...How DO You LIKE ME NOW?

A young woman beaten into a coma by her Craigslist roommate may have been in a relationship with her attacker, police have revealed. Danielle Jones has been unconscious since her 23rd birthday on Valentine's Day when Byron Mitchell, 35, allegedly attacked her in their Miami, Florida, apartment just a week after he responded to her ad on Craigslist. Mitchell has been charged with attempted murder as Jones remains in a coma in hospital with a brain injury and scars all over her face and neck. Now, as Jones's family tries to raise funds for her recovery with a GoFundMe page, police have uncovered information that suggests Jones had started a relationship with Mitchell. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Distributist Gun Nut Turned Uber Driver Jason Dalton, 45 Shot & Killed Six During Random Shooting Spree From His Cab While He Picked Up Fares In Michigan

Pictured: Three victims of the married Uber driver, 45, who 'killed six people during random shooting spree from his cab while he picked up fares in Michigan'  

A married 45-year-old Uber driver is in custody after he allegedly shot six people dead at random during a murder spree in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Father-of-two Jason Dalton surrendered to police on Sunday morning after he allegedly fired a barrage of 30 bullets at eight innocent and defenseless people during a five-hour rampage in his Chevrolet Equinox taxi He was arrested in a car he had been using to drop off and pick up passengers in between the attacks at three different locations - a restaurant parking lot, a car dealership and an apartment complex. Some who got in his car to use his service said he was driving erratically and one even called 911 to report his bizarre behavior when they got out. Dalton was apprehended and taken into custody without a struggle and police found a semi-automatic handgun inside, according to reports. Michigan State police identified four casualties who were shot in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel Mary Lou Nye, 63, Mary Jo Nye, 60, Dorothy Brown, 74, and Barbara Hawthorne, 68.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>