South African Preacher Lesego Daniel Tells His Congregation To "Eat Grass Be Closer To God'

Chief Of Staff For Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, Jesse Ryan Loskarn Went The Way Of David Carradine, Michael Hutchence & Arch-Heretic Martin Luther Who Died By Means Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Beverly Hills Suicide Jumper Was Patient of Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr Brian Novack Jumps Naked To Her Death!

Track Star Madison Holleran Jumps To Her Death - Dad Says Due To Schoolwork Load - We Say Something Worse Than Schoolwork

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Homosexual British Diplomat Jumps To Death From Top Floor Of Mara Hotel In Baia Mare, Romania

Pickup Truck Driving White Trash William Bauders Kills Hospice Worker In Hit & Run Then Begs Mom To Cover Up For Him!

Tattooed Pot Smoking Idiot Falls From Scaffolding During Rap Concert! And Lives! Go Figure.

Another Chinaman Leaps To His Death Rather Than Do House Chores! Takes Son With Him!

Baptist Preacher Stabs Wife To Death Arrested At Airport - Phony Christians At First Baptist Church of Birmingham Alabama Claim Their Murderous Pastor Was Unfairly Arrested by Homeland Security

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8 Year-Old Pot Smoking Drunk - Raw Footage

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Whitney's Dead And So Are 9/11 Heroes! NYPD, FDNY 9/11 Heroes Scam $400 Million From Taxpayers!

Another Drunken Socialite Ruins Flight For Everyone: Former Miss Venezuela Carmen Lechin Goes Berserk!

Wanna Commit A Crime Dress Like A Muslim Woman from Head To Toe! Niqāb Wearing Bitch Still Caught For Acid Attack!

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Islam Sacrificing Of Cows: Muslims Steal Four Cows & Stuff Into Compact Car! Car Breaks Down & Muslims Flee!

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