Merry Christmas!

Got Another Holiday Jumper! This Time Rich Guy Gives Away Money & Jumps To His Death!

Ukrainian Immigrant Father Throws Himself & Three-Year-Old Son Off Of Brooklyn Building

Spend Your Time In The Study Of Hagiography? Or In The Study Suicide? Godless Hollywood Writer Ned Vizzini Studies Suicide & Jumps Off Building To His Death!

Bullied At School Because He Has Epilepsy? Or Bullied Because He Has Two Lesbian Moms?

Angry Jew Al Goldstein The Porn King Dies In Disgrace! "The Only Reason That Jews Are In Pornography Is That We Think That Christ Sucks. Catholicism Sucks. We Don’t Believe In Authoritarianism.”

Drunken Pippi Longstocking Arrested For Hit & Run!

Atheistic Pot Smoking Grand Pappy Don Baker Forces 23-Month-Old Grand Baby To Smoke Pot!

Grave Robber Caught Using Bones To Give Him The Power Of Flight! People Will Be Transported From One Place To Another By These Evil Spirits, Even Priests

Creeper: Grown Man Has 22 TATTOOS Of Miley Cyrus On His Arms, Legs, Back, Chest & Hands

Illini Fan Chokes To Death! Fornicating Old Fool Johnny Orris From Sullivan, Ill Chokes On A Piece Of Steak Before Going At It With A Hooker Paid For By Jew Boy Howard Stern!

Pagan Cake Eating Contest On Hindu Festival Of Diwali Goes Horribly Wrong - Pagan Ends Up Paralyzed!

Chinese Pervert Hides Under Subway Seat So He Can Touch Women's Legs!

Mall Suicide Jumper: Chinese Man Jumps To Death Rather Than Go Shopping With Girlfriend "I Can't Do This Anymore, I've Had Enough"

Video: Boorish Drunken Behaviour

Dead Pensioner + Freezer + Greedy Son = Uninterrupted Pension Benefits

Fornicating Old Folk: New Survey Claims Old Folks Are Perverts!

Malaysian Muslims Imitating Paul Walker: Crash & Burn Three Lamborghinis After High Speed Race!

Original Sin & Alcohol = Funny DUI

Fighting Of The Christmas Tree Philadelphia’s City Hall

Video: Drunken Old Man Kicks Drunken Student In Face At Arizona State Versus Arizona Game

Video: Black Friday Brawl At Victoria's Secret

Effects Of Original Sin Causes Girl To Leap Across Rooftops Ends In Her Stuck Between 18 Inch Gap

Original Sin + Paul Walker + Porsche = Fast Track To Hell

Original Sin + Rachael Ray Cookware + Black Friday + Walmart & A Couple Of Fat Asses = Hell

Original Sin + Tweeking = Mess

Pope Francis On The Dangers Of Remaining In The State Of Original Sin!

Stun Gun Used In Black Friday Brawl!

Homosexuals Get HIV So Why Does The CDC Label Them As MSM???

Non-Baptised Homosexual Yale Professor Arrested Over Domestic Dispute With His Husband Ends Up Dead In Jail!

KKK "Shirtless Wonder" Dinkle & Mom Arrested For Burning Cross In Black Neighborhood!

Drunk Dad & Tatooted Son Have Fun In Thailand Jamming With The Band - Dad Ends Up Dead!

Original Sin Laden Woman Freaks Out At Apple's Genius Bar!