Saturday, September 17, 2016

Gee, Ya Think? Face Pierced & Tattooed Boyfriend Shane Stevenson Murders His Live In Girlfriend & Her 7 Year old Son

Horror murder of mom and her son, seven, discovered after her two-year-old was found abandoned in a stroller four miles away

A mother and her son, seven, were found dead in an apartment in upstate New York after her two-year-old was abandoned in a stroller about four miles away. Shane Stevenson, 31, has been charged in the death his girlfriend Raina Voll, 30, and her son Leo Klinger, who were discovered in Depew, New York on Thursday night, police said. Voll's younger son Stephen, who had been left behind a church 3.5miles away from the scene of the murders, is now in the custody of his biological father. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>