Saturday, March 21, 2015

VIDEO: Russian Boy Grabs 30,000 Volt Electricity Cable While Climbing Bridge

INDIA: Parents Scaling Walls Of School Like Baboons To Hand Exam Cheat Notes To Students!

Authorities in eastern India have been left embarrassed after images of people scaling the walls of a school exam centre to pass notes to relatives were broadcast on national television. The images show dozens of people clinging to the windows of the four-storey building in the eastern state of Bihar, where more than 1.4million teenagers are sitting their leaving exams. Other images showed police officers and school staff doing nothing and simply standing by as people passed study aides to candidates inside examination centres. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

Friday, March 20, 2015

WTF! Idiots Paying Thousands Of Dollars To Attend The World's First Ever PRESCHOOL FOR GROWN UPS!!! Michelle Joni's Preschool Mastermind

- arts and crafts (finger-paint, play dough, glitter glue, YES PLEASE)
- show and tell (share your material stories to uncover clues on your spiritual path)
- snack time (with themes planned by you!)
- music time (with special rockstar guests)
- nap time (the best time ever)
- lessons and playsheets (learning is FUN!)
- buddy system (a BFF to keep you accountable for awesomeness)
- games (i mean, does anyone remember how much fun musical chairs is?)
- make believe (your imagination is needed!)
- class picture day (dress your 4-year-old best)
- a field trip, obviously
- All students will be given homework in the form of challenges, prompts, playsheets. Expect to get out of your ordinary routine and leave a trail of ::magic::!

If you're a fucking idiot who would like to attend please see her website here>>>>>

Married Church Going Pedophile Teacher (Pinson Valley High School) Jennifer Marie Perry Arrested For Have Sex With Boy!

A 27-year-old married teacher has been arrested for allegedly engaging in a sex act with a 17-year-old student after she told the school there were 'false' rumors going around that they'd had a relationship. The school contacted authorities and Jennifer Marie Perry, from Odenville, Alabama, surrendered to the Jefferson County Jail on Monday and has been charged with sexual contact with a student under 19. Perry, who was in her first year of teaching at Pinson Valley High School, is accused of meeting the student at a parking lot a few miles from the campus on February 8 and engaging in a consensual sex act inside a car. She did not teach the boy but attends church with him and his family, said Sergeant Jack Self of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. She is believed to have known him before working for the school, he added. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Catholic Pedophile Teacher Hannah Heekin, 23 Arrested For Have Sex In A Classroom At Roger Bacon High School & Intercourse In Springfield Township Park!!

New Mass Going Child Raper

A Cincinnati teacher's aide has been accused of having sex with her student after police say they found her in a car with a 17-year-old boy whose belt was unbuckled along with two condoms. Hannah Heekin, 23, was charged with two counts of felony sexual battery on Wednesday. Police say they discovered the pair at in Ludlow Grove Park in the dark at 6:27 on Tuesday morning. The male student, 17, told police he had sex with Heekin twice. He claims they had sex in a classroom at Roger Bacon High School where Heekin was employed as a home economics teacher. The boy says they also had intercourse in Springfield Township Park. Court documents say that Heekin admitted to both sexual acts. Heekin was ordered to stay away from the student Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Personal Trainer Achilles Williams Hit By A Freight Train While Skipping Rope On The Tracks!!!

A popular personal trainer from Atlanta was struck and killed by a freight train Tuesday while making a YouTube exercise video. Authorities have named the victim of the fatal accident as 30-year-old Travis Williams, better known as Achilles. Williams was a renowned fitness guru with a large following on social media who often recorded outdoor workout routines for his YouTube channel, which has about 400 subscribers. According to police, Williams and a friend were shooting an exercise video near the train tracks in Buckhead when disaster struck. Investigators say the buff 30-year-old trainer was jumping rope while his companion was in charge of the camera, reported 11Alive. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Happened a few days ago in India. drunk people on the road celebrating Holi (Spring time festival of colors). the (also drunk) driver got a good beating. no one was seriously hurt. Live Leak

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Video Drunken Seal Ice Fishing For Vodka?

Video Of Possessed Woman Or On Drugs? Or Both?

Homeless Man Dressed As Leprechaun Hearing Voices In His Head Sets Himself On Fire During Hoboken St Paddy's Day Pub Crawl!

 A homeless man set himself on fire in the middle of the street during an annual New Jersey St. Patrick's Day bar crawl. Hoboken police responded to a call that a man was trying to light himself on fire. When they arrived the unidentified man's jacket was ablaze. Police told the man to get on the ground and roll so that he could put out the flames, but he ignored them. He then started screaming as the fire spread to his skin, police said. Officers stepped in and pushed the man to the ground and helped roll him over, according to The fire was quickly extinguished and the man was not seriously injured. He was then transported to a nearby hospital. The incident occurred around 11pm, almost 12 hours since the city's annual bar crawl began. Twenty-five bars participated in the event, packing the streets with revelers decked in green. By Saturday night at least nine people had been arrested, according to police. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Saturday, March 7, 2015

WTH Are Muslims Doing In Honduras? Muslim Woman Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa Arrested For Bomb Threat At Miami International Airport

A woman was arrested at gunpoint Thursday at Miami International Airport after screaming at police officers that she had a bomb. Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa, 33, from Honduras, attempted to drive her car through the airport's entrance, but instead crashed into a patrol car. She then began screaming at officers in what they believe was Arabic and saying that she had a bomb. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>