Friday, March 20, 2015

WTF! Idiots Paying Thousands Of Dollars To Attend The World's First Ever PRESCHOOL FOR GROWN UPS!!! Michelle Joni's Preschool Mastermind

- arts and crafts (finger-paint, play dough, glitter glue, YES PLEASE)
- show and tell (share your material stories to uncover clues on your spiritual path)
- snack time (with themes planned by you!)
- music time (with special rockstar guests)
- nap time (the best time ever)
- lessons and playsheets (learning is FUN!)
- buddy system (a BFF to keep you accountable for awesomeness)
- games (i mean, does anyone remember how much fun musical chairs is?)
- make believe (your imagination is needed!)
- class picture day (dress your 4-year-old best)
- a field trip, obviously
- All students will be given homework in the form of challenges, prompts, playsheets. Expect to get out of your ordinary routine and leave a trail of ::magic::!

If you're a fucking idiot who would like to attend please see her website here>>>>>

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