Englewood Church Of Christ Evangelical Politician J. Shawn Lewis Threatens A Year In Jail For Residents Who Refuse To Wear Mask

Clarissa Angela Crawley of Dartmouth Is Facing Charges In Connection With Road Rage Incident Involving Dog

Florida Doctor Has No Time For Costco's Mask Policy.

Karen Stops Man On His Way To The Doctor

White LGBT SJW Liberal Gets Put In Place By Black Man Who Identifies As A White Lesbian

Evil Portent! Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan "Says We Could Have A Summer Of Love" 12 Days Later Summer & Love Both Hit By Car Driven By Dawit Kelete On I-5 + Summer Dies..Love Is Still Alive....

Dartmouth, Halifax: Angry BLM Black Woman Beats A White Woman With Owner's Leashed Dog

Summer Taylor, 24, And Diaz Love, 32, Hit By Car.....At “BLACK FEMME MARCH TAKES I-5”

Harvard Grad Claira Janover Has New Job With Them Butch Filipino Ladies. The Dwarf, Maid......Stabbers! Queens Of The Hotel Hit....

Harvard Grad Claira Janover Blames Trump Supporters For Being Fired From Her 'Dream Job' At Deloitte

Harvard Grad Claira Janover Says She’s Lost Deloitte Job Over TikTok ‘Stab Threat’

FULL Lake Orion Confrontation, White Woman Falsely Accused Of Racism

Covid-19 Can Cause PRIAPISM: 4 Hour Erections.....

Harvard Senior Claira Janover Threatens To Stab Anyone Who Says “All Lives Matter.”

Manager Told Her To Put A Mask On......

I'M Done With Your BS!!!

Journalist Lays Absolute Waste to CA Officials for Excessive Lockdowns

Why Does Portuguese Sound Like Russian?!

Japanese Reporter Pays A Visit To CHAZ To Prove It’s Peaceful, Leaves Within 15 Minutes With BLACK EYE...LOL!

The Director Of The WHO Dr Tedros Adhanom Feeling Sexy In His Little Crop-Top And Shorty-Shorts + NO FACE MASK + NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING

Seattle Police Body Cam Footage Of Being Attacked At CHOP CHAZ Trying To Help Shooting Victim

CHOP WAR LORD Raz Simone Complains That US Paramedics Refused To Enter The Nation Of Chop To Save A Chopper Shot By Another Chopper.......

South Africa: Man Runs Into Flames Of Burning Tanker After Horrific Crash

Man In Critical Condition After Shooting During New Mexico Protest

Woman Who Wanted Dog Says She Was Scammed, Asked To Send Nude Photos


CHAZ Dude Where's My Car Keys.....

CHAZ Farming......

Daniel's Second Beast BEAR = SOCIAL MEDIA: Black Muslim Woman Is Very Upset She Can’t Loot A Mobile Phone Store Being Protected By Armed Owners.

Drunk Has Great Balance

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey WEEPS At George Floyd's Casket

Dr. Drew Pinsky & Jillian Barberie: It's Possible Bourdain's Death May Not Have Been A Suicide, But Instead Caused By Autoerotic Asphyxiation


SWEDEN: BLM Loot Moving Van Full Of Swedish Family's Belongings

It’s Now Racist To Clean Up BLM Graffiti On A Federal Building....

TikTok Influencers Are Covering Themselves In Their Own Feces To Support #BlackOutTuesday

Looting Fifth Avenue And Macy's

Loot From The Looter!