When AMAZON Women Attack....

Boston Mother Commits Suicide Jumps Off Parking Garage Roof With Her Two Children

Crazy Asian Woman Kicks Two Tiny Dogs And Assaults Owners...

Meditation On The Nativity Of Our Savior Christ: Of The Journey Of Our Blessed Lady The Virgin From Nazareth To Bethlehem POINT I ~ Luis de la Puente

Meditation On The Expectation Of Our Saviors Nativity THE III POINT ~ Luis de la Puente

I'd Rather Knock Myself Out With A Brick Than To Go On A Date With You.....

MEDITATION ON The Expectation Of Our Saviors Nativity THE II POINT ~ Luis de la Puente

Another Dead Comedian: Chris Cotton DEAD At 32

MEDITATION ON The Expectation Of Our Saviors Nativity ~ Luis de la Puente

Pittman Park United Methodist Church YOUTH Minister Tommy Callaway Caught Slapping The Butt Of WSAV-TV Anchor Alex Bozarjian,

Still More Reasons Why I Pray For Famine And Plague: Artist Scrawls 'Epstien (sic) Didn't Kill Himself' On Wall Where The $120,000 Banana Was Duck Taped....

Another Reason Why I Pray For A Plague And Famine: Performance Artists Eats The $120,000 Banana Tape To The Wall

Italian Artist Maurizio Cattelan Sells Banana Duck Taped To The Wall Artwork For $150,000

Attention Walmart Shoppers Paging Clinton Kilt Epstein....

SATANIC ATHEIST George Patterson, 67, SHOOTS DEAD His Next-Door Neighbor, Davey Roach

Extinction Rebellion Stage Breast-Feeding Protest Outside Brexit Party HQ

Church Of Sweden Unveils LGBT Altarpiece Of Paradise Featuring GAY Couples And TRANSGENDER Serpent

MAINE Distributist Ronald Cyr Was Killed By His Own Boobytrap

Shirtless Wonder Austin Smith, 22, Of Marion, Indiana, Shoots His AR-15 From The Backseat Killing The Driver Annalysa McMillan....