Friday, April 29, 2016

Alex Brizzi Confused About His Sexuality Puts On A Pee Soaked Onesie Walks Into WBFF FOX 45 Says The World Is Gonna End & Gets Shot In The Butt By The Cops!

The man who was shot by police Thursday after walking into a Baltimore TV station wearing an animal costume and a fake bomb vest has been described by his father as having a troubled mental history and possible suicidal tendencies. Speaking hours after the incident, Edward Brizzi told local media his son, Alex Brizzi, was the man inside the animal costume. The 25-year-old was shot after threatening to detonate a bomb - which turned out to be made of chocolate bars wrapped in tinfoil - inside the Fox 45 offices. Brizzi, who according to his father had recently broken up with his girlfriend, told an office security guard he wanted the station to view the contents of a flash drive he was carrying. The flash drive contained a video in which Brizzi argued the government is covering up the truth about 'black holes and the sun,' the security guard said. The astronomy-themed conspiracy theory appeared to be linked to what Brizzi's father said was a 'vision' that his son had. According to the father, Brizzi had a 'vision from God' that made him believe the world was going to end on June 3. After the police shooting, Brizzi was transported in serious but stable condition to a local hospital with gunshot wounds to the neck, wrist, leg and buttock, officials and family members said. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Actual Footage From 1923! LOL! Looters Back In The Day Where All White Folk!! City Of Berkeley, California On Fire 1923

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Roquel Bain Murdered By The Pope Lick Monster!

A 26-year-old woman died after crossing train tracks hoping to spot a legendary half-human, half-goat creature. Roquel Bain, of Dayton, Ohio, was in Louisville, Kentucky with her boyfriend when they heard the urban legend about the mythical beast. According to the legend, a creature known as the Pope Lick Monster lives under the trestle and tricks trespassers into crossing the train tracks. Bain and her boyfriend were walking on the trestle, which stands 80 to 100 feet high, when a train surprised them, KLTV reported. The couple heard the Pope Lick Monster legend and decided to check out the site in Louisville, Deputy Coroner Jack Arnold said according to KLTV. The myth has it that a creature looking like a cross between a man and a goat lives under the Pope Lick trestle, next to the Fisherville neighborhood east of Louisville.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

Thursday, April 14, 2016

25 Students Becomed Possessed By Demons During Class

An emergency meeting was called on Monday after reports that students eyes were rolling into the back of their heads as their bodies spasmed uncontrollably. Despite an ongoing investigation, parents believe the chilling incidents at Jean Lafosse College in the French Indian Ocean Island of Reunion were caused by "spirits", local media reported. And a disturbing video of an Imam "cleansing" one of the girls emerged on the web. The chilling footage shows the youngster snarling as the robed man chants over her. Daily Star Read More>>>>>

Fruits Of Godless Culture: UPenn Student Ao 'Olivia' Kong Kills Self By Jumping In Front Of A Train

Fake Smile
Voices will be heard in the air. Men will beat their heads against walls, call for their death, and on another side death will be their torment. Blood will flow on all sides. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)
All the civil governments will have one and the same plan, which will be to abolish and do away with every religious principal to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism and vice of all kinds. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)
10 suicides, 10 statements from the University:
'We are deeply saddened to report that a Penn undergraduate student was struck and killed this morning by a SEPTA train at the 40th Street Station,' the statement said. 'She was a bright, well-liked and successful member of our junior class. 'We have been in contact with her family and have conveyed our deepest sympathies to them at this very sad and tragic time.' University President Amy Gutmann and Provost Vincent Price
A 21-year-old University of Pennsylvania student committed suicide earlier this week, marking the tenth self-inflicted death at the Ivy League school in three years. Ao 'Olivia' Kong, a junior studying finance in the Wharton School, was killed on Monday at about 7am after she was struck by a train on SEPTA's Market-Frankford Line. Kong grew up in Philadelphia and was a member of the Phi Gamma Nu business fraternity and Alpha Phi Omega co-ed service fraternity. Daily Mail Read More>>>

Sunday, April 10, 2016



Holy Smokes Batman!

Breast Feeding Prophecy Doom: Brelfie Bitch Stephanie Land Is Planning To Buy Vibrators For Her Daughters - Aged EIGHT And ONE - So They Can Learn To Have 'Mind-Blowing, Amazing Sex'

The Brelfie
But woe to them that are with child, and give suck in those days; for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people. Luke 21:23 
And woe to them that are with child, and that give suck in those days. Mt.24. 
A great famine will come. Before the famine comes, children under the age of seven will begin to tremble and will die in the arms of those who hold them. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

A mother has controversially claimed that she plans to buy vibrators for her two daughters who are currently aged eight and one. Stephanie Land, 37, a writer from Missoula, Montana, hopes that by providing her daughters with vibrators - and a 'worn copy' of Our Bodies, Our Selves - sex will feel 'less tempting' because they will know how to 'pleasure themselves'. Explaining her decision in an article for She Knows, the single mother, who is a survivor of domestic violence, said when she was 17 sex became an 'addiction' because she was not aware of masturbation. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

Saturday, April 9, 2016

World Star! Blacks Figthing In James Coney Island Restaurant In Detroit

Colombia: Panda Shirt Girl Knife Fight

Baltimore Ratchet Black Girls Street Fighting Ends By Stealing Car

Michael Banks Proposes To Girlfriend While High On Meth & Stuck On Side Of Mountain...Has To Be Rescued & Gets Arrested...She Still Said Yes

Proposes To Girlfriend While High On Meth...

Police say a California man who got stuck and needed to be rescued after he climbed up a rock to ask for his girlfriend's hand in marriage via FaceTime was later arrested because he was found to be high on methamphetamine. Michael Banks, 27, scaled 600-foot Morro Rock just off California's Central Coast early Thursday morning to propose to his girlfriend, who was watching via FaceTime video. Morro Bay Fire Chief Steve Knuckles said that Banks was arrested Thursday afternoon on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

Philly: Possessed Naked Black Man Gets Tased!

Possessed Naked Black Man Demands Cops Shoot Him....

Friday, April 8, 2016

Breast Feeding Prophecy: The Brelfie? Breast Feeding Hysteria Will Bring Down The Wrath Of God!

But woe to them that are with child, and give suck in those days; for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people. Luke 21:23

And woe to them that are with child, and that give suck in those days. Mt.24.

A great famine will come. Before the famine comes, children under the age of seven will begin to tremble and will die in the arms of those who hold them. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

With her oversized sunglasses and wide smile, she looks like any other glamorous young woman relishing a day off by the pool. Then you notice she is otherwise engaged. For there, clamped to her bikini-clad breast, is her then 15-month-old daughter feeding. Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of Formula 1 boss Bernie, is a vocal exponent of breastfeeding, which is commendable, I’m sure, but why the need to post such attention-seeking selfies (or brelfies as her regular breastfeeding self-portraits have been called)? To date, she has posted dozens of pictures to her Instagram account and has also been photographed professionally with daughter Sophia clutched to her chest. You might think ‘how sweet’, but look closely at the size of the child — Sophia recently turned two, so we’re not talking about a baby here. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Placenta Smoothie Drink Up!

A young mother has revealed how she made an avocado and cashew nut smoothie with her placenta – and believes it prevented her from getting postnatal depression. Christina Simmons, 30, from Seattle, blended part of her afterbirth along with blueberries and other nutrient-packed foods, before having the remainder turned into capsules, which she is still taking. Mrs Simmons said it tasted ‘delicious’ and even her husband Brandon, 33, tried it and said it was the ‘perfect mix of salty and sweet’. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sins Of Fornication #1 VIDEO PROOF: Amanda Carpenter Slept With Ted Cruz! Carpenter Wearing Ted's Jacket In Selfie! Where's Your Jacket Ted?

Trump Campaign Releases “PROOF” This CNN Pundit Slept With Ted Cruz – WOW!

The National Enquirer shocked political observers after claiming that presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) had affairs with 5 women. Two of the women came forward to deny the allegations: CNN’s Amanda Carpenter, and Katrina Pierson, who is the spokeswoman for conservative businessman Donald J. Trump. But Trump’s Social Media Director Dan Scavino takes issue with Amanda Carpenter’s denials, and is promoting a video which seems to “prove” an affair may have really happened between her and the Senator. Hardly a smoking gun, but it includes the probability of a suit coat shared by the Senator during an interview. Amanda Carpenter is married.

I'm not a marriage cheat - but Trump IS: Fury of woman who denies being Ted Cruz's mistress at video 'smearing' her

Former Ted Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter sent out a torrent of tweets this afternoon pointing fingers at Donald Trump and his campaign operatives for spreading the smear that she had an affair with the Texas senator, sparked by a story that appeared in the National Enquirer. 'The thing that's especially ironic is that hordes of Trump supporters accuse me of being an adulterer when their candidate really is one,' she wrote on Twitter this afternoon. 'I've never cheated on my husband. But, Trump has cheated on his wife/wives, MANY times. Chew on that Trumpers.' Carpenter, now a CNN contributor, continued to rage when she saw that Trump's social media director Dan Scavino had peddled a web video that purported to show evidence of the affair – mainly that she was wearing a suit jacket the same day Cruz's was missing. 'Donald Trump CANNOT say he isn't smearing women when his own social media director is doing it,' she wrote, adding the hashtag, #NeverTrump. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>> 

You're No Heidi!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

John Is Having A Bad Day.....I Fuckin' Hate My Life......

Adorable Moment Daughter Learns that Daddy Is Transgender....

Crazy Muslim Driver.....

Sins Of Gluttony #14: Catholic Chris Christie Gorging Himself On M&M's And A Bucket Of Popcorn At NCAA Tournament On GOOD FRIDAY!!!!

25 March 2016 for Roman Catholics not paying attention was GOOD FRIDAY 

Catholics must fast on that day.

Chris Christie and all the Catholics who support this fool fail to notice that Christe was gorging himself on sweets on GOOD FRIDAY! Not only that, but in PUBLIC ON GOOD FRIDAY At the NCAA Tournament.

Here is a video of the moron gorging himself on the day Jesus Christ was Crucified:

This is the same fat slob who slimmed down not by fasting, sack cloth and ashes but by lap band surgery!

Please this moron is not fit to rule over a nation not even fit to rule over a city.

You wanna know why this country is about to feel the vengeance of God? It's because of fat slobs like Christie.

Death By Selfie! Chicago Man Gunned Down While Taking Selfie!