Monday, August 23, 2021

Liquor CEO, Ian Crystal, 46, Plummeted To His Death While Attempting BACKFLIP On Balcony At Citi Field

Oh look another Brooklyn Jew...

Didn't see that coming.....

Like so many other knuckleheaded live for the moment atheists...

Surprised that there aren't more similar deaths of guys like this.....

Liquor CEO, 46, plummeted to his death while attempting BACKFLIP on balcony at Citi Field during Grateful Dead tribute band concert 

New York police have identified the Brooklyn resident who fell to his death while attempting a backflip on a balcony at Citi Field on Friday as the CEO and co-founder of the liquor company that created Monkey Rum. Ian Crystal, 46, died after falling about 30 to 50 feet and landing on concrete during intermission at a Dead & Company concert. Police sources said he was possibly under the influence when he attempted the fatal flip on the fifth floor. Crystal, who co-founded Evolution Spirits Inc. a few years back as part of a new brand development challenge, was known for his creativity and desire for adventure. Loved ones of the self-proclaimed innovator say he was thoughtful, well-liked and will be greatly missed. 'Ian crystal. The Rooster. One of one who was always down for the next adventure or for a long conversation that could go deep or off the rails in the best way,' Neal Weinstein posted on Facebook, along with a photo of himself and Crystal. 'Left a long list of people that will miss you. Glad to have known you buddy.' Such a treasure. I'm devastated as I know all of our friends are,' Chris Dopherty added. 'Good dude, quiet. We never had an issue with him. He was a cool guy,' Juan Torres, who worked at the Williamsburg neighborhood building Crystal once lived in, told the New York Daily News. Torres said Crystal was 'well-liked' and devoted to his dog, Beatrice. He was also known for being a relatively healthy individual. 'He was healthy. He was always working out,' he added. 'I remember every morning when I would come in, I'd see him running.' Source

Saturday, August 21, 2021


Deadhead Does Black Flip To His Death At Dead Concert

Fan in his 40s falls 50ft to his death from balcony while trying to do backflip during concert at Citi Field in NYC

A fan fell to his death Friday night while trying to do a flip on the balcony at Citi Field stadium at a Dead & Company concert in New York. During intermission at around 9 pm, the man, a Brooklyn resident in his 40s, fell about 30 to 50 feet landing on concrete, police said. First responders said they were called to the scene at 9:05 pm and found the man injured apparently from a fall. Ambulances took him to NewYork–Presbyterian Queens Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.A driver working outside the stadium told The New York Post he saw the man 'flip' before he fell and slammed into the ground. Source

Friday, August 20, 2021

Nude Man Stabs Second Nude Man On Seattle Sidewalk While Third Nude Man Watches It And The Fourth Nude Man Calls Police And The Fifth Nude Man Says F*ck Da Police And A Sixth Nude Man Tries To Burn Down Store

Nude man stabs second nude man on Seattle sidewalk 
SEATTLE — A naked man stabbed another naked man on Tuesday morning in Seattle, according to the Seattle police. Just after 8 a.m. on Tuesday, officers responding to a noise disturbance call heard from witnesses that one naked man had stabbed a second naked man on the sidewalk. One witness had already taken the victim to the hospital before the police arrived.Other witnesses told police the other man was last seen around a corner, where police found him at the entrance to an apartment building with what appeared to be a self-inflicted wound to his neck. The man lost a significant amount of blood and was unresponsive. Seattle officers supplied medical aid until Seattle Fire arrived. The identities of either man are unknown at this time. Source

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Comedian Trevor Moore Dead By Means Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation: Founder Of "The Whitest Kids U Know", Dead At 41

Actual skit from 30 MARCH 2008: "Auto Erotic - Trevor quickly regrets the way he died; God gives him a second chance at the wrong time." 

List of Whitest Kids U' Know episodes:  

  • Season 2 (2008)  
  • Episode #08 
  • Episode title  "WKUK Ep. 18" 
  • Director Zach & Trevor 
  • Writer(s) Trevor (Head Writer), Zach, Sam, Darren & Timmy 
  • Original air date 3/30/2008




At least they didn't say suicide...

Dead by means of Autoerotic Asphyxiation.

Another Comedian dies while masturbating.....

Whitest Kids U' Know star Trevor Moore dies at 41 after 'accident': Family say they are devastated after 'tragic and sudden loss' 

Comedian Trevor Moore died on Friday in an unspecified 'accident' at the age of 41, his manager has said. The star was the cofounder of the sketch comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U Know, and hosted The Trevor Moore Talk Show on Comedy Central. Further details about his sudden death have not been revealed. Moore's manager issued a statement on behalf of his wife Aimee Carlson to Deadline, which read: 'We are devastated by the loss of my husband, best friend and the father of our son. 'He was known as a writer and comedian to millions, and yet to us he was simply the center of our whole world. Source

Famous people dead by means of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation:

1. Robin Williams
2. David Carradine
3. Chris Cornell
4. Michael Hutchence
5. Albert Dekker
6. Hide
7. Stephen Milligan
8. Vaughn Bod矇
9. Martin Luther
10. Kevin Gilbert
11. Frantisek Kotzwara
12. Chester Bennington
13. Avicii Tim Bergling
14 .Anthony Bourdain
15. Brody Stevens
16. Keith Flint
17. Jeffrey Epstein
18. Sophie Xeon
19. Adam Perkins
20. John McAfee
21. Trevor Moore



Thursday, August 5, 2021

Gay Pedophile Principal Victor Zamora, 40, Engaged In Sexual Acts With Three Underage Boys At The Legacy Academy In Mesa, Arizona


Arizona charter school principal admits having sex with three students, including a 16-year-old who he took out for dinner

The principal of an Arizona charter school has admitted to having sex with a 16-year-old boy - plus two other male victims - saying he wanted to recruit him for his school.  Victor Zamora, 40, was arrested on July 22 and charged with 15 counts of sexual misconduct involving three minors. He admitted to engaging in sexual acts with a 16-year-old boy and two others over two years, court documents say. The 16-year-old was a student at the Legacy Academy in Mesa, Arizona, where Zamora was a teacher and principal. One of the other victims was the sibling of another student at Legacy. According to court documents, during the first incident in April 2019 Zamora took the 16-year-old student out to dinner to try and recruit him to attend his school. After dinner he took the boy to a parking lot and touched his chest, shoulder and legs, the documents say. The victim said Zamora told him to get into the backseat of the car where they engaged in sexual acts. Sgt. Jason McClimans of the Chandler Police Department told the East Valley Tribune: 'Zamora was a teacher and principal at the school and therefore in a position of trust. Zamora was also active as a youth leader in various religious communities in the East Valley.' A month later Zamora drove the victim to his office in Mesa and they engaged in sexual acts again, according to court documents. Source

Blacks Fight At The Laundromat

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Vengeful Gay Sailor Ryan Sawyer Mays Set Fire To $1.2bn USS Bonhomme Richard In 2020 And Injuring At Least 60'


Navy Seal dropout, 20, is arrested for 'setting fire to $1.2bn USS Bonhomme Richard in 2020 and injuring at least 60': 'Vengeful sailor hated the Navy and had endured bad break-up' 

The sailor charged with arson for allegedly setting aflame the 40,000-ton USS Bonhomme Richard, injuring more than 60 people, has been identified in an NCIS search warrant as a failed Navy SEAL bent on revenge. Ryan Sawyer Mays, 20, was named the primary suspect for the first time in the legal document, which was obtained by the Daily Beast and seen by the Daily Mail. Investigators were led to Mays after interviewing the 177 service members assigned to the Bonhomme Richard and several of them claimed to either see Mays around the scene of the fire before it was set, hear him say he was guilty while talking to himself or hear him express extreme disdain for the Navy. The warrant also says a polygraph revealed Mays was lying about certain relevant questions pertaining to the events of July 12, 2020, the day the fire was set. And further red flags were raised when Mays allegedly also lied to investigators about his personal life, claiming he had gotten another sailor pregnant. When she was questioned, the sailor denied ever being pregnant and said Mays was 'volatile and bipolar.'The affidavit states that Mays joined the Navy in 2019 'with the intent on becoming trained in the Advanced Electronics Computer Fields,' but 'changed his career goals to becoming a Navy SEAL.' Five days into his training, he dropped out and was assigned as an 'undesignated Seaman' abroad the Bonhomme Richard. Source

TikTok Star Timbo The Redneck, 18, Is Crushed To Death After Falling Out Of His Pickup Truck 'Judy' While Spinning Donuts

TikTok star Timbo the Redneck, 18, is crushed to death after falling out of his truck 'Judy' while spinning donuts 
An 18 year-old TikTok star was killed after he fell out of his truck while performing donuts and the vehicle landed on top of him - with his stricken mom later breaking the news to his fans. Timbo the Redneck - whose real name is Timothy Hall - was killed on Saturday when his truck 'Judy' - a GMC Sierra - crashed, sending him flying before the flipped-over truck landed on top of Hall. Hall's mother Tassie announced the news on his social media channels saying: 'He won't be creating anymore videos, no more videos at all. My son was in a bad accident yesterday and didn't make it.' Tassie, who said her 'heart is just so broken,' told her son's followers that Hall was so grateful for their support and encouragement.'I wanna thank everybody, for all the fans that he had. He loved TikTok and just believed in all the fans, everybody that supported him, it meant a lot to him,' Tassie said. She has also launched a fundraiser to pay for her son's funeral. Hall's brother-in-law Tony, who has made prior appearances in his videos, uploaded a video to his YouTube channel Sunday, offering more details on the tragedy. 'He passed away this Saturday in a truck crash with his girlfriend, Kori,' Tony shared. Source

Muslim Tourist Adam Ismail, 22, Crashes His Small Drone Into 7 World Trade Center......

Small Drone Hits 7 World Trade Center 

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A drone remained lodged in a building at the World Trade Center site late Monday night after someone flew it in the area and it got stuck. Sources told CBS2 a 22-year-old man visiting from Texas was flying the small device when it crashed into 7 World Trade Center. The man reported the incident himself. He was taken into custody and issued a summons.Police do not believe there was any terror threat.The drone was said to be sitting between two glass panels about 30 feet in the air. Source