Sunday, August 8, 2021

Comedian Trevor Moore Dead By Means Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation: Founder Of "The Whitest Kids U Know", Dead At 41

Actual skit from 30 MARCH 2008: "Auto Erotic - Trevor quickly regrets the way he died; God gives him a second chance at the wrong time." 

List of Whitest Kids U' Know episodes:  

  • Season 2 (2008)  
  • Episode #08 
  • Episode title  "WKUK Ep. 18" 
  • Director Zach & Trevor 
  • Writer(s) Trevor (Head Writer), Zach, Sam, Darren & Timmy 
  • Original air date 3/30/2008




At least they didn't say suicide...

Dead by means of Autoerotic Asphyxiation.

Another Comedian dies while masturbating.....

Whitest Kids U' Know star Trevor Moore dies at 41 after 'accident': Family say they are devastated after 'tragic and sudden loss' 

Comedian Trevor Moore died on Friday in an unspecified 'accident' at the age of 41, his manager has said. The star was the cofounder of the sketch comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U Know, and hosted The Trevor Moore Talk Show on Comedy Central. Further details about his sudden death have not been revealed. Moore's manager issued a statement on behalf of his wife Aimee Carlson to Deadline, which read: 'We are devastated by the loss of my husband, best friend and the father of our son. 'He was known as a writer and comedian to millions, and yet to us he was simply the center of our whole world. Source

Famous people dead by means of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation:

1. Robin Williams
2. David Carradine
3. Chris Cornell
4. Michael Hutchence
5. Albert Dekker
6. Hide
7. Stephen Milligan
8. Vaughn Bodé
9. Martin Luther
10. Kevin Gilbert
11. Frantisek Kotzwara
12. Chester Bennington
13. Avicii Tim Bergling
14 .Anthony Bourdain
15. Brody Stevens
16. Keith Flint
17. Jeffrey Epstein
18. Sophie Xeon
19. Adam Perkins
20. John McAfee
21. Trevor Moore

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