Black Lives Matter Protester Phelon Davis, 29 Teller For Wells Fargo Stole $185,440 From White Homeless Man

Brazil! Possessed Woman Found In Back Of Pickup Truck

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Poland: Karma

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Sperm Donor Meets His 19 Children For First Time

Stealing Scratch Off Tickets

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China: Three Children Drown, One After Each Other

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Asian Woman Driver Drivers Over Man TWICE!

Chinese Boss.......Mexican Labor.....

Saudi Arabian Road Rage

Bikers vs Hillbillies

Black Lives Matter Rescue Air Jordans From Foot Locker During Hurricane Irma

VIDEO: Black Looters During Hurricane Irma

Woman Hearing Voices Stabbed Newborn: "That’s The Devil Baby”

32 Blacks Arrested Across Florida For Looting....

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Billionaire Richard Branson’s Luxury Necker Island Home Obliterated By Hurricane Irma

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Cleveland: Girl Fight

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Indian Spiritual Guru Ram Rahim Convicted Of Rape - Followers Riot Clash With Police!