Saturday, July 29, 2017

"I got theeeese (inaudible)... I got theeeese (inaudible)..."

Brazil: Man Throws Girlfriend Under The Bus

Blacks On The Subway: Boy Gets Face Full Of Pepper Spray

A verbal dispute on a New York subway train turned physical after a young man pushed a woman and she sprayed him in the face. The altercation was caught on camera and posted to Facebook on May 1 showing the pair while on the number two train in the Bronx, which was headed to the Gun Hill Road station. In the video, they stand in a face off as she repeatedly tells him to 'spit' before challenging him to touch her when he shoves her. She then whips out the spray leaving him stumbling as he wipes his eyes. Daily Mail>>>>>>

Hot French Girl Gamer Accidentally Sets Her Hair on Fire!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Apostate Justin Bieber Starting HILLSONG Church?

JULY 24, 2017 REMAINDER OF PURPOSE WORLD TOUR CONCERTS CANCELLED Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber will cancel the remainder of the Purpose World Tour concerts. Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them. He thanks his fans for the incredible experience of the Purpose World Tour over last 18 months. He is grateful and honored to have shared that experience with his cast and crew for over 150 successful shows across 6 continents during this run. However, after careful consideration he has decided he will not be performing any further dates. Tickets will be refunded at point of purchase. Source

Starting own Hillsong Church.......

“We know that he was in the country a few weeks ago having meetings and attending the big Hillsong convention that they had here. [He’s] very close to a lot of the Hillsong people. Whether he’s looking at teaming up with them in something of a more permanent situation or doing some sort of religious activity on his own – starting his own church – we’re not quite sure, but that’s the word from an inside source.” Source

Saturday, July 22, 2017

China: Honey Bear's Drunken Night Out Clubbing - By Morning Gets Molested By Homeless Bum! EWWW YUCK & LOL!

Blacks Can't Swim! Black Teens Mock Drowning Tattooed Jamel Dunn

Spirit Of Christ Or Antichrist? Evangelicals Rock To Hard Charismatic Music! In Pics!

God and metal: scenes from a hardcore Christian music festival 

At the beginning of July, I photographed Audiofeed, a Christian rock and metal festival in Illinois. This was a bit of a reunion for me. As a teenager growing up in the evangelical subculture, I was a huge fan of Christian hard rock and metal in the early 2000s. The music helped me feel adventurous and unique, and it was an important way for me to craft an identity. I lost track of the scene after going to college, but I never stopped enjoying the music.  Since 1984, every Christian punk’s dream was to play at a festival called Cornerstone – a weeklong bohemian campout commonly likened to a Christian Woodstock. Cornerstone went defunct in 2012, and Audiofeed is in part an attempt to reunite the Cornerstone crowd, some of whom have moved on from Christian rock or from evangelical Christianity altogether. One of this year’s headliners, David Bazan, is a vocal ex-evangelical. Guardian>>>>>>

Friday, July 21, 2017


Another rocker dead by means of AeA.


Law enforcement sources tell us the singer hanged himself at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in L.A. County. His body was discovered Thursday just before 9 AM. Chester was married with 6 children from 2 wives. The singer struggled with drugs and alcohol for years. He had said in the past he had considered committing suicide because he had been abused as a child by an older male. TMZ

Another famous person dies by means of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation.

Grunge rocker Chris Cornell was found dead - police investigation: possible suicide. 18 MAY 2017

Today Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington killed himself by hanging. - police investigation: possible suicide. 20 JULY 2017

Dead on Chris Cornell's birthday 20 JULY

As was with most who die by means of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation - the body is found with a rope, or a belt around the neck, pants down etc. The police will claim that the death is an apparent suicide.

Better to commit suicide than to die while masturbating.

Definition of Autoerotic Asphyxiation. : a state of asphyxia intentionally induced (as by smothering or strangling oneself) so as to heighten sexual arousal during masturbation.

Famous people dead by means of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation:

1.   Robin Williams
2.   David Carridine
3.   Chris Cornell
4.   Michael Hutchence
5.   Albert Dekker
6.   Hide
7.   Stephen Milligan
8.   Vaughn Bodé
9.   Martin Luther
10. Kevin Gilbert
11. Frantisek Kotzwara
12. Chester Bennington

Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington wrote to dead  rocker Chris Cornell:

When committing AEA a woman is usually present to help along.

See: Actor Robin Williams Dead By Means Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation (AEA)! "It Was A Hollywood Thing"  August 11, 2014 


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Attack Of 15 Pounds Of Sausage!

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. - A South Florida family is perplexed after recently waking up to a loud thud, only to find that the mysterious sound was several packages of frozen Italian sausage. "It was like thunder, and it awakened me out of a sleep," Travis Adair said. Adair said he and his family were awakened Saturday morning by a loud thud on the roof of their Deerfield Beach home. "We got up, found two packages of sausage on our side yard, and then we were like, 'OK, well, we got to go on the roof and check and see if we find more of this stuff,'" Austin Adair said. Sure enough, there were three more packages of Italian pork sausage. A total of 15 pounds of Italian sausage was found in bags marked William Land Service, a land-clearing company in Alabama. The homeowners were baffled about how the sausage ended up on their roof, so their son, Austin Adair, called the company. "I called them and the guy had no idea what I was talking about and probably thought I was crazy," Austin Adair said. He even sent them pictures of the sausage but has yet to hear back. In the meantime, the family has been coming up with their own theories. "I thought possibly it had fallen from a plane. I thought possibly it was something to do with a drug deal or something," Austin Adair's mother, Jennie Adair, said. Whatever the reason, the family said they would really like to know. "I would love to know what really happened, because it's just so, so odd," Jennie Adair said. Source

Hillary Supporter Snowflake Has Melt Down At Little Girl's Lemonade Stand Threatens To Call Cops Over Lack Of Business Licence!

“Whoever the man is who threatened to call the police on my daughter for her lemonade stand, you are seriously pathetic." "There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things. I understand that you were upholding the "law" but really dude?" This is the story of a little girl from Discover Bay who set up a lemonade stand on public property. She just wanted to sell some lemonade and cookies. Her parents told her she could be there for 1 hour. But as she was setting up she was approached by a man who was all bent out of shape by what she was doing. Richard LaRouche is the little girl’s father. He told me: "The man just pulled up next to her and asked for her business license and then told her ‘I’m calling the police’ and then got on the phone and began speaking as if he was talking to police." "She was so scared that she came home crying and sobbing and said she didn’t want to go to jail." SFGATE>>>>

Taco Bell Rage! North Smithfield, RI

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Man Hearing Voices Jumped To His Death In His Superman Costume!

Voices will be heard in the air. Men will beat their heads against walls, call for their death, and on another side death will be their torment. Blood will flow on all sides. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

Man in Superman robe jumps to his death from Tennessee high-rise

A man wearing a Superman robe jumped to his death Friday from the balcony of a high-rise building in downtown Memphis, officials said. Memphis Police spokesman Sgt. Louis Brownlee told The Commercial Appeal the incident was reported around 10:28 a.m., when dispatchers received word the man jumped from the 10th floor of a building that is mainly home to elderly and disabled residents. The man, whose name was not released, was produced dead at the scene by the Shelby County Medical Examiner. William Fielder, who works at Gordon's Auto Body across the street, told The Commercial Appeal he saw the man yelling on the top balcony. Source

Hell On Earth: Demonic Tat Fest!

Jacob, who performs under the stage name The Angel of Death, made quite an impression at the event in Medellin. Striding around the expo wearing little more than a pair of leather wings, a bondage harness and some height-boosting cloven hoof shoes, he really did look like he had come from another dimension. With his body painted white, and with the addition of some black and white corpse-paint inspired veins running across his bald head and upper body, he could have passed as a Cenobite from Clive Barker's Hellraiser series, or a member of a little-known Norwegian black metal band. Last year, he performed at the expo, and gave fans a freaky show involving him being suspended on chains attached to hooks that pierced through the skin on his back. His reputation has even seen him appear on national TV as a "real Colombian vampire". While his presence was sure to have excited convention-goers, he wasn't the only person there with an extreme look. Source

UK: Dashcam Catches TWO Atheists Insurance Scamers

Saturday, July 15, 2017

London Acid Attack: Two Atheists Throw Acid On MUSLIMS

Acid attackers have struck again as a rider has been targeted with poisonous substance in a new attempted moped theft in east London. The victim was left with injuries less than 24 hours after five were attacked with acid on Thursday night. Police were called at around 5pm on Friday to reports of an attempted robbery of a moped in Ballards Road, Dagenham, Scotland Yard said.The victim - a man aged in his 20s - was approached by two males on a moped who squirted what was described as a 'noxious substance' at him. They attempted to steal his moped but were unsuccessful, and the man was taken to hospital. Police said he does not have lasting injuries and has been discharged. Read more:  Daily Mail

London Acid Attack: Two Teenage Atheists Arrested For Throwing Acid At Five MUSLIMS

London acid attack: two teenagers arrested after series of assaults

Two teenagers, a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old, have been arrested as police launch a major investigation into a series of five acid attacks that took place in less than 90 minutes in east London on Thursday night. One of the victims was said to have suffered “life-changing” injuries during one of the attacks, which were carried out by two male suspects on a moped. The Metropolitan police said the incidents on Thursday night appeared to be linked, and two involved victims having their mopeds stolen. Police said two male teenagers had been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and robbery. The Met commissioner, Cressida Dick, condemned the acid attacks as “completely barbaric” in an LBC interview on Friday morning. Guardian

East London Acid Attack: Atheist John Tomlin Threw Acid In Faces Of TWO MUSLIMS

East London acid attack suspect John Tomlin smiles and blows kisses in court

A man accused of throwing acid at an aspiring model and her cousin smiled and blew kisses at his supporters while in court. John Tomlin, 25, appeared at Thames Magistrates' Court on Tuesday charged with two counts of grievous bodily harm with intent after he handed himself in to police on Sunday. Resham Khan, 21, and Jameel Muhktar, 37, were left with life-changing neck and face injuries when acid was thrown at them through car windows in east London on Ms Khan’s birthday last month.Mr Tomlin, of Canning Town, east London, grinned from the dock and blew kisses to well-wishers in the public gallery as he was led away from the court. He was remanded in custody and ordered to appear at Snaresbrook Crown Court on 8 August. Ms Khan, a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, and Mr Muhktar suffered severe burns to the face and body in the attack shortly after 9am on 21 June as they waited at traffic lights. The attacker then threw more of the acid at Mr Muhktar before fleeing the scene, according to police Independent 

RUSSIA: Vape Explosion!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Australian Man Falls To His Death While Parasailing In Phuket

According to local media, operators told police Roger Hussey accidentally pulled on a hook that unstrapped his harness after confusing the ropes on his parasail. Mr Hussey fell into the water and beachgoers rushed him to shore, but he was pronounced dead in hospital. His wife reportedly filmed the accident. Local media reported that a man from the parasailing operator, who was the boat driver and company owner, was charged with recklessness causing death. Another man was also being investigated. Source

CHINA: Husband Throws Wife Off Balcony

Selfie Domino...Destroys $200,000 In Art...14th Factory in Los Angeles

Selfie destruction! Moment woman who poses for a photo beside a pillar knocks it over... sparking a domino effect that DESTROYS $200,000 of art

This is the excruciating moment a woman is alleged to have destroyed as much as $200,000 worth of art in a Los Angeles gallery. CCTV footage shows tourists carefully perusing a room decorated with dozens of rectangular pillars at renowned artist Simon Birch's exhibit at The 14th Factory. One woman appears to crouch down next to one of the installations, topped with a crown, when disaster strikes. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

China: Exploding Tire Kills Mechanic

Thursday, July 13, 2017

FACEBOOK Live Streaming Sex Assault Of Mentally Handicap Woman! Ezzie Johnson, Kadari Fabien Booker & Haleigh Alexis Hudson Arrested

Facebook Live video of sexual assault leads to arrest of 3 Gulfport teens

GULFPORT, Miss. (WPMI) — According to Gulfport MS police, 17-year-old Ezzie Johnson of Gulfport, 19-year-old Haleigh Alexis Hudson of Gulfport, and 17-year-old Kadari Fabien Booker of Biloxi were arrested on charges of sexual battery and kidnapping. On July 11 2017 at 11:46 PM officers responded to an address on 7th Avenue in reference to a reported sexual assault. Upon arrival, officers learned of a Facebook Live video that depicted a sexual and physical assault. During the investigation, Johnson, Hudson, and Booker were revealed to be the suspects. Warrants were issued for their arrest. All three were transported to Harrison County Adult Detention Facility and are being held in lieu of bond. Source

Shia LaBeauf Cop Bodycam Arrest Video

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Man Mails IRS Severed Middle Finger...

Olympia man charged in mailing of severed finger, fake bomb to IRS

An Olympia man who authorities say mailed one of his fingers to the IRS is now facing federal charges. The reported Monday ( ) that 68-year-old Normand Lariviere was charged with mailing a threat to injure after IRS workers in Ogden, Utah, discovered a package containing a fake bomb July 6. Charging papers say he also sent his finger, a bullet and a marijuana joint to tax collectors in 2016. Court documents say Lariviere has been upset with the IRS since he was laid off in the 1990s from his job as a civilian defense contractor. He began filing grievances with federal agencies related to the Department of Defense, saying he shouldn’t have to pay taxes because the government hadn’t satisfied his claims. Charging papers say Lariviere told investigators he made and sent the fake bomb. He remains jailed. Source