Sunday, October 29, 2017

Southern Illinois University On The Hunt For Serial Washing Machine POOPER!

A college dorm is being ravaged by a mysterious pooper who's been leaving droppings in the washing machines. Residents of Abbott Hall at Southern Illinois University are avoiding doing a load of laundry for fear that someone will drop their own personal load into their wash. At least eight students have taken their clothes out of the washer to discover traces of poop on their clothes. The fecal fiend has left residents terrified of doing laundry. Sophomore Khiyah Ransom said: 'I was really upset about it. I'm just wondering who's doing this pooping.'  Source

Live Streaming To Raise Cash For Gas Money In South Korea.....

I Got 2K For The Kids....

Egypt: Revenge Of The Pussy Cat

Taoist Priest Died While Performing The “Steaming Man” Ritual

Saturday, October 28, 2017

10-Year-Old Black Boy Steals Mother's Car, Leads Police On Pursuit

Father of 10-year-old driver says his son thought high-speed chase was a joke

CLEVELAND - The family of the 10-year-old boy who led Ohio State troopers on a high-speed chase nearly 50 miles down Interstate 90 on Thursday said the boy stole his dad’s car keys while his family was getting ready in the morning. His father, Christopher Hampton, told News 5 his son thought it was a joke and since he got away with it previously, he thought he’d get away with it again. The 10-year-old stole his mother’s Dodge Charger just last week and drove it around Cleveland. This time around, he took his Dad’s Toyota Avalon 50 miles to Sandusky, at times reaching 100 miles an hour on the turnpike. “I was terrified, I didn't think it was true,” said the boy’s older sister, Cheyenne Greene. “We all say the same thing to him. It just goes in one ear and out the other.” “He thinks everything is funny,” said his father, Christopher Hampton. “He thinks because he got away with it the first time, they ain’t going to do nothing to him this time." Hampton said his sister was getting his son ready for school Thursday morning. “She went to go use the bathroom before she left. She went in the bathroom and he took the key and took off with the car.” The 10-year-old drove through a toll booth stop. He even avoided state trooper stop sticks. He ultimately got stuck in a ditch. His family thinks he may have learned his reckless driving from playing video games, like Grand Theft Auto. “I told him, he could’ve hurt somebody, he could’ve hurt himself, or he could’ve been killed, he could’ve killed somebody else… and you knew you were wrong. Everything you do is not a joke,” said Hampton. Source

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby Right Round Like A Record, Baby Right Round Round Round............

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Saudis Give Citizenship To Robot! Robot Sophia Has More Rights Than Actual Saudi Women!

Does Saudi robot citizen have more rights than women?

Meet Sophia, a robot who made her first public appearance in the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh on Monday. Sophia was such a hit she was immediately given Saudi citizenship in front of hundreds of delegates at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh on 25 October. But as pictures and videos of Sophia began circulating on social media many started to ask why a robot already seemed to have secured more rights than women in the country.Sophia, created by Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics, addressed the audience in English without the customary headscarf and abaya, a traditional cloak which Saudi women are obliged to wear in public. "I am very honoured and proud for this unique distinction," she said. "This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship." Source

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Outsourcing To India? 29 Indians Can Not Save One Drowning Man.....

Germany: Muslim Refugees Line Up To Have Sex With Sex Dolls In Germany's First Sex-Doll Brothel!

Muhammad never outlawed having sex with a sex doll!


A bizarre sex-doll brothel has opened in Germany. Bordoll, as it’s named, is located on an aptly scarlet-lit street in Dortmund and is run by a 29-year-old woman called Evelyn Schwarz. It currently houses 11 silicon dolls and rents them out for €80 (£71) an hour. Each 30kg doll has its own name and is aesthetically unique; Schwarz reportedly imported them from Asia, costing her £1,786 each.According to Bordoll’s website, the dolls are “extremely high quality”. “The ladies are real dream women,” the website reads, claiming that the dolls are “always willing” and “uncomplicated." As if promoting non-consensual sex with a plastic sex worker wasn’t unusual enough, the site also lists the “possible service” options that are “passed passively” by the doll. Source

Muslims demand....

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sins Of Gluttony #39: 325lb Fat Woman Killed 9 Year Old Girl By Sitting On Her

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) -- A 325-pound (150-kilogram) Florida woman is charged with killing her 9-year-old cousin by sitting on the child as punishment. Veronica Green Posey, 64, was arrested and charged with homicide and cruelty toward a child, The Pensacola News Journal reported. The Escambia County Sheriff's Office report identified Posey as the girl's cousin. Paramedics and deputies responded to the family's Pensacola home following a 911 call Saturday. Posey told deputies she sat on Dericka Lindsay as discipline "for being out of control." Source

Thursday, October 12, 2017

JEWS To Make $100 Million Off Of Painting Stolen From Roman Catholic Church! Da Vinci Portrait Of Jesus As “Salvator Mundi”

Why is it that Jews who hate Jesus Christ are always profiting off of His Image?


What need do JEWS have for a Portrait of Jesus Christ - the Second Person of the Trinity?

What nasty vermin these blaspheming Jews are...

The last painting by Leonardo da Vinci in private hands will be sold at auction next month, Christie’s announced. With a pre-sale estimate of $100 million, Da Vinci’s depiction of Jesus, entitled “Salvator Mundi” (Savior of the World) was until recently considered lost or destroyed. “This is truly the Holy Grail of art rediscoveries,” said Alan Wintermute, Christie’s senior specialist for Old Master paintings, told CNBC. The painting was found after its owner, whose family had purchased it at an auction for £45 in 1958, brought it to New York art dealer Robert Simon in 2005. Source 

Real story is - is what Roman Catholic Church did these blaspheming JEWS steal the painting from?

Where and when did the blaspheming JEWS steal the painting from Roman Catholics?

Maybe the fat and bloated perv JEW Weinstein can buy it so he can curse at the image every morning...cause sure as hell Weinstein can't add any more blasphemies against the Blessed Trinity to his movie scripts cause he won't be making any!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Trump Supporter Leverne Doran Arrested After Clinging To Moving School Bus

PARKVILLE, Md. (AP) — A Maryland man has been arrested after police say he attempted to board a school bus and clung to the front of the moving vehicle after the driver refused to let him in. Baltimore County Police said Saturday the man tried to stop the bus Thursday after a bottle was allegedly thrown out of it, striking his vehicle. When the bus driver refused to let him in, police say he jumped on. The statement says the driver headed slowly to a police precinct for assistance. Video from WBALTV shows the man clinging on. Court records show Leverne Doran faces four charges including disorderly conduct. The records don’t list an attorney and a message left at a number listed for Doran wasn’t immediately returned. Source

Sins Of Gluttony #38: Four FAT Gypsies Go To Market To Shoplift!

Protestant Bible Thug Robert Nelson Hits Man So Hard His Head 'Bounces Off The Cement'

This is the moment the victim of an "unprovoked, drunken" attack is punched so hard his head "bounces off the floor" when he hits the ground. Robert Nelson, 25, a "religious" man who was about to attend Bible College, left his victim lying in the road with a double fracture of the jaw, a black eye and a broken tooth. He had attacked him with his cousin in Bridlington, Hull, at 1am on February 19. Nelson, of Tennyson Avenue, Bridlington, was captured on the CCTV footage running up to the man before felling him with a "crunching" punch.The victim was pushed over, then got up to remonstrate with the pair, before he was more seriously assaulted, the Hull Daily Mail reports. The footage shows he was so badly dazed he could not get up and fell to his knees before staggering away to safety. Another man who tried to intervene on the victim's behalf was "chased off" by the burly Nelson and his cousin. Source

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Black Hebrew Woman Stinks Up The Bus.....

Black Lives Matter Keevonna C'Ante Wilson Stomps On Little Dog

OCTOBER 5--A woman is facing a felony animal abuse charge after she was recorded kicking and stomping her small dog inside an elevator at a Florida condominium. Police allege that Keevonna C'Ante Wilson, 24, attacked the dog late last month in Aventura, a city 20 miles north of Miami. The September 20 incident was recorded by a surveillance camera inside an elevator at the luxury Artech condominium, according to a police report. Investigators subsequently identified Wilson (seen at right) as the alleged abuser and arrested her last Tuesday. Building security officials happened upon the footage of Wilson stomping on Chasity while reviewing surveillance tapes after receiving a report about a dog defecating in the elevator.Source

Indonesia: Samsung Smartphone Explodes In Man's Pocket

Samsung smartphone EXPLODES in man's pocket and sets his shirt on fire as he rolls on the ground after suddenly overheating

This is the terrifying moment a man frantically rolls on the ground after his smartphone explodes in his front shirt pocket. Hotel supervisor Yulianto, 47, was waiting in the lobby of his hotel in Indonesia when he suddenly felt his Samsung Grand Duos heat up. When he reached for his pocket it suddenly exploded, setting his shirt alight and sending sparks across the room. Source

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fornicating Jew In Trouble...Harvey Weinstein Takes Time Off From The Ladies

Didn't see that coming.....

Harvey Weinstein seeks 'tutoring' after damning report accuses him of sexually harassing Ashley Judd 

One of Hollywood's biggest power players is being accused in a New York Times report of sexually harassing movie stars, including Ashley Judd, over his decades-long reign over Tinseltown. Harvey Weinstein, the movie magnate behind such films as "Pulp Fiction," "Scream," "Shakespeare in Love" and "Good Will Hunting," is the subject of an investigative report detailing inappropriate behavior with women over the last 30 years. Judd described being lured to Weinstein's hotel room, only to find him wearing a bathrobe and requesting sexual favors. Source

The rotten fruits of a 25-hour period of fasting and intensive prayer during Yom Kippur.....


Evangelical Preacher Matthew James Phelps Stabs Wife To Death - Blames Coricidin Cough And Cold Medication...

Investigators found red-stained sheets and an empty box of cold medicine at the North Carolina home where a man says he killed his wife in a medicated stupor. Matthew James Phelps, 29, called 911 in the early hours of September 1, saying that he took cough medicine, had a dream and woke up to find his wife Lauren, also 29, dead. He told dispatchers that he believe the cough medicine made him kill his wife. I think I killed my... There's blood all over me, and there's a bloody knife on the bed. I think I did it,' the aspiring preacher said in audio from the 911 call. 'I took more medicine that I should have. I took Coricidin Cough and Cold because I know it can make you feel good and sometimes I can’t sleep at night,' he added. Source

Gun Nut Dan Bilzerian RUNS AWAY During A Real Crisis Filming Himself While People Are Dying At Mandalay Massacre

Gun nut and pervert runs away during a real crisis and later harasses a cop for his gun.....

'Holy f***, a girl just got shot in the f***ing head,' he says, as he runs away. 'This is so f***ing crazy.'  

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sodomite Music Teaching Specialist Contaminated Flutes With Semen.......

Parents express shock over flutes possibly tainted with semen and given to schoolchildren; little health risk seen

As state and federal officials investigate how batches of plastic flutes believed to be contaminated with semen were distributed in the spring to schools in Southern California, parents expressed shock at the allegations while health experts said exposure to the flutes likely posed little risk to students. Officials believe 14 school districts are possibly affected. including ones in Saugus, the Newport Beach-Costa Mesa area and Fountain Valley. Susan Castellanos was PTA president last school year at Fountain Valley’s Courreges Elementary School, one of those schools possibly affected. She said Monday that her son, who was then in fifth grade and participating in Flutes Across the World, has a decorated flute from the program. She will hand it over to authorities to help with their investigation, she said. “It’s just so disheartening,” Castellanos said of the case. Authorities are investigating a music teaching specialist suspected of contaminating musical instruments with semen. The suspect has not been identified. Source

DOOM TRAIN! ‘Doomsday Preacher’ On Wimbledon Train Causes Passengers To Flee

At the first blow of His thundering sword, the mountains and all Nature will tremble in terror, for the disorders and crimes of men have pierced the vault of the heavens Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)  

‘Doomsday preacher’ on Wimbledon train causes passengers to flee

Hundreds of thousands of commuters experienced major disruption during rush hour on Monday morning after passengers evacuated themselves from a train in London and spilled on to the track because they feared a fellow passenger was acting erratically. The incident, which took place at about 8.30am just outside Wimbledon station on a South Western Railway train running from Shepperton to Waterloo, forced Network Rail to switch off power in the area, causing long delays. Ian O’Sullivan, 42, who was in the same carriage as the passenger, said a man with a rucksack began reading what appeared to be extracts from the Old Testament, when the train stopped at a red light outside the south-west London rail station. “He was quite well spoken and calm,” he said. “He said: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to talk to you about something and that something is the word of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He’s here to heal your sins. The Bible tells you that homosexuality is a sin and sex before marriage is a sin. You need to repent’.” Other passengers said the man referred to “doomsday” and the afterlife. O’Sullivan, a marketing consultant, said he did not find the man threatening, but people started pushing and shoving, with another passenger warning the man that he was scaring people. “It suddenly became a Chinese whisper and [there was] panic,” he said. “It was quite a full train, but the area around him was suddenly quite empty.” Some people prised open the doors and went on to the tracks. Source