Saturday, August 27, 2016

VIDEO: Vogue's Cricket Eating Sophia Li Has Her Supply Of Crickets Spilled Out On The D Train In NYC

Why is a homeless woman selling Crickets on the D Train?

Because there is a demand!

Because of the UN & pretty women like this:

Eating Crickets: Why One Vogue Editor Did It, and Why You Should, Too

I say proudly because entomophagy—the practice of eating insects—is a concept that for a long time I wasn’t able to wrap my head, or more specifically my tongue, around. I feel squeamish even typing out the word bug. But on the third night in Oaxaca City with my girlfriends, I found myself at a seemingly endless night market and face-to-face with 50 or so vendors selling every kind of crawly insect known to humankind. The most popular by far? Crickets. So much so that kids were running around with zippered bags filled with them, popping a few fried morsels in their mouth as they played. It was as if they were casually munching on salt and vinegar chips, except these were hot and spicy crickets—apparently the snack of choice for this generation.

Though chapulines—grasshoppers fried in spices—were seemingly present on every menu during our trip, the dish had never really piqued my interest. But seeing thousands of fried insects in woven baskets measured and wrapped in plastic bags at the night market was a different story. That evening, as we walked by the 10th cart selling crickets, my curiosity got the best of me. I stood there and examined the two baskets the vendor was selling: one contained fried whole crickets and the other was filled to the brim with cricket parts—wings and legs spilling over—looking as if they might function better as a garnish. The vendor immediately recognized us as tourists and decided to have a little fun, throwing a dead cricket in my face. Out of pure instinct, I jumped back with a yelp and a nervous chuckle. 

I immediately thought back to the first time I was introduced to crickets as food about three years ago: The guy I was dating was being recruited to work for a startup, Exo, which was attempting to introduce cricket protein bars into the mainstream food market. He once handed me a protein bar containing about 40 crickets’ worth of protein powder. I had immediately thrown it aside. Vogue Read More>>>>>>


VIDEO: Homeless Black Woman Tries To Sell Crickets On The D Train In NYC When This Happens.....




Death By Selfie! Hot Ecuadorian Estefania Liset Mosquera Alcivar Falls Off Cliff At 3:15AM


Should have been at home praying Lauds, instead of taking selfies in the dark on a cliff.

Yellowstone Park concession worker, 21, falls to her death from top of canyon viewing point while socializing with a group of her colleagues at 3am

An Ecuadorian woman has fallen to her death at Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park. Estefania Liset Mosquera Alcivar, 21, was a park concession worker from Quito, Ecuador, and in the U.S. on a visa. She fell into the canyon at Grandview Point at around 3.15am on Friday while socializing with co-workers near a huge drop. She was near a trail along the edge of the canyon when she plunged to her death. Her companions saw her fall and dialed 911. Rescuers spotted her body in the canyon at first light. They determined the fall was not survivable. Search and rescue crews used a helicopter to recover her body later in the morning. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sodomite Atheist Drama Teacher Christopher Schraufnagel Mocked Christmas While Raping Underage Male Students At Horace Greeley High School In Chappaqua, NY

Former drama teacher 'who played sick games with students' pleads guilty to engaging in sexual acts with them 

A former drama teacher at a prestigious New York high school has admitted in a plea deal that he subjected two underage students to sexual contact, say authorities. Christopher Schraufnagel, 41, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child endangerment charges Thursday, said acting Westchester County District Attorney James A. McCarty. But the agreement is not final and still awaits approval from New Castle Town Justice Douglas Kraus, who told The Journal News that he would like to review the deal before signing off on it. If it is agreed, Schraufnagel, who is battling cancer and has undergone surgery twice, will not go to jail. A civil lawsuit filed against Schraufnagel, the former drama teacher at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, alleged that he 'engaged in sexual acts with students' and plied them with alcohol and drugs. He is alleged to have engaged in sex-themed games during his drama classes, one of which was called 'Train Wreck', where students would be asked to discuss intimate details about their sexuality. Another perverse game was dubbed 'Sick Secret Santa' played by theater rep students which required them to give the most outlandish gifts possible, said the lawsuit. These included a scone with pubic hair baked into it, a dead bird, a cup of semen and a coffee cup filled with feces. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>