Thursday, August 1, 2013

Drunk Dad & Tatooted Son Have Fun In Thailand Jamming With The Band - Dad Ends Up Dead!

Bobby Ray Carter & Son Adam

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning last week, a very successful and well traveled American prick fueled by alcohol and pride jumped up on stage at the Longhorn Saloon located in at Ao Nang beach in Krabi, Thialand and started singing with the rock band. This guy is 51 and no one was gonna stop him from having fun - not even three Thai members of the band that was performing on stage.
The three band members took a break but the graceless soul wanted more and more attention so he continued to sing on stage - acapella if you will, demanding his money back if the band did not accompany him in a sing along. The three Thais wanted none of that so they coaxed the prideful and drunken American outside for a knife fight.

The drunk American took the bait and fought the three Thais.

According to the news reports:
"He then demanded the money he had already given as a tip back. But the real fight broke out outside of that pub. He was stabbed twice and died while on the way to local hospital." Fox
The man died of two stabs wounds to the chest -  this is how he ended his life - drunk and fighting.

Pathetic to say the least.

Here is a picture of his Thai opponents:

Sathit Somsa, 40, Ratikorn Romin, 27, and Noppanant Yoddecha, 26
Which One Is The Bassist?

Now the above three may or may not be baptized - regardless the three are typical graceless souls who are headed for a bad end. These are the guys you want to avoid. We got a lot of graceless souls like the above here in the US - so why would a very successful business man travel half a world away to party on stage with vile scum when he could of done the same in his hometown with similar scummy characters down the street.

The world is full of graceless souls just looking for trouble - all of course will not control their passions and all will get pissed if someone hinders them in the evil that they desire.

The succeful business wanted to indulge his passions a half a world away with his friends so he could have something to talk about on the golf course.

Here is a picture of his graceless friends taken in a land that knows no restraint:

Any Of These Men Baptised?

The purpose of this blog is to poke fun of all the vile and nasty men and women who refuse to cooperate with God's grace and refuse to control their base passions - who in turn cause problems for their neighbors, loved ones and society. There is a plague of graceless souls wandering the streets - call them zombies if you will.

The only ones who behave themselves in society are those who cooperate with God's grace and who are baptized in the one true faith - the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

We may have our problems once and awhile - but we can do penance for our sins and right the wrongs - because we as Catholics know our final end.

Many of you graceless souls would rather hinder a Roman Catholic in practicing his faith or attending mass rather than to hinder a successful business man from jumping up on stage to sing with the band.

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