Married Pedophile Drama Teacher Stephanie McCrea Had Sex With Drama Boy In School!

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Bodybuilding Model Greg Pitt Modeling On Train Tracks ......Run Over By A Train......Go Figure.

A$AP Yams Didn't Die From Drug Over Dose! He Died Playing With Himself! Death By Autoerotic Asphyxiation!

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Muslim Call To Prayer Every Friday On UCLA Campus

How To Kill Jews At Synagogue

Paris Kosher Killa Amedy Coulibaly Has A Bootylicious Sista Maimouna Couilbaly That Runs Booty Therapy Classes

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Assholes At F& R Auto Sales Hassling a Pizza Delivery Guy!

Pedophile Teacher At Stamford High Mrs. Danielle Watkins Threaten To Kill One Of Her Lover Students At Dunkin' Donuts!

Twice Married Non-Practicing Roman Catholic Piers Morgan Proclaims Islam Is A Genuine Religious Ideology & No Muslim Ever Committed A Terrorist Act!!


Why Was Body Guard For Charlie Hebdo's Homo Editor Charb Unarmed?? Because Charb Wanted To Disarm Muslim Terrorists With Humor & Mockery!

Charlie Hebdo's Homo Editor Charb (Stéphane Charbonnier) Believed That Islam Was Good & Only Three Bad Apples Spoiled The Bunch!!!

Footage Muslim Shoots An Unarmed French Policeman In The Head At Point-Blank Range

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Tattooed Freaks Tweeking On Meth Amber Campbell & John Arwood Lock Themselves In Closet For Three Days & Call 911 Only To Have Police Open The UNLOCKED Closet Door!