Friday, May 14, 2021

Gas-Hoarding Woman Jessica Gale Patterson, 28, Blows Up Her Car During Police Chase.....

Gas-hoarding woman's car crashes and bursts into flames fleeing from police - while a Hummer filled with cannisters explodes amid panic buying during pipeline crisis 

A gas-hoarding South Carolina woman has suffered burns to her body after her car crashed and burst into flames while she was fleeing from police. Jessica Gale Patterson, 28, was driving through Pickens County in her white Pontiac G6 on Thursday night when an officer attempted to stop her over a stolen license plate. Unbeknownst to the cop, Patterson's Pontiac was loaded up with containers of fuel which she had hoarded amid the current gas crisis caused by the Colonial Pipeline hack. According to statement put out by Pickens County Sheriff's Office, Patterson 'accelerated her vehicle in an attempt to elude law enforcement' before she 'lost control of the car' and it flipped over at the side of the roadway. The vehicle immediately caught fire and multiple explosions were heard inside before Patterson emerged from the Pontiac doused in flames. 'The deputy pushed Patterson to the ground in order to put out the flames," the sheriff's office stated. She was subsequently rushed to hospital, but the severity of her burns has not yet been publicly disclosed. Patterson has admitted to police that she was hoarding gas in the trunk of the car, which they have determined were the 'catalyst for the explosions'. Source

Grossly Overweight Atheist Teacher At Poynette High School Verbally Abuses Vaccinated Student For Not Wearing A Mask

SHOCKING VIDEO: Insane Teacher Berates Vaccinated Student for Not Wearing a Mask, Calls Him a Jerk, Tells Him Nobody Likes Him 

A video is going viral on Twitter showing an overweight teacher berating a student for not wearing a mask — despite the fact that he told her he is vaccinated. The incident took place in Poynette, Wisconsin, on Tuesday. The teacher has now been placed on administrative leave.“I don’t care if you’re vaccinated you little dink,” the belligerent teacher says during the exchange. “I don’t want to get sick and die. There’s other people you can infect. Just because you’re vaccinated.” The student, sitting against the wall, politely and calmly repeatedly says “okay” in response to the verbal abuse. “You know what? You’re not a special person around here. You should here how everybody talks about you around here. YOU’RE A JERK,” the increasingly aggressive teacher shouts. The student replies that he doesn’t care what people are saying about him, which appears to enrage the lunatic even more. “You’re a jerk,” she repeats. “You need to have respect for other people in your life.” Source


Tucker: Classic Literature Out. Sexual Propaganda In

Thursday, May 13, 2021


Muslim Sex Grooming Gangs In The UK

The sex gangs whitewash: Home Office report into abuse of young girls found attackers were 'most commonly white' despite evidence of mass grooming by Asian men... but DAN HODGES reveals the inside story of a politically correct cover-up

Last week, the long-awaited Home Office report into child grooming was finally published. Commissioned by former Home Secretary Sajid Javid, it was supposed to put the official spotlight on to one of the greatest scandals in British history – the systemic abuse of white working-class girls by Asian men. Instead, it was a whitewash. Literally. The sole definitive conclusion, cast amid a jumble of Civil Service sophistry, was that 'research has found that group-based CSE [child sexual exploitation] offenders are most commonly white'. The study had actually found no such thing. As Priti Patel pointedly acknowledged in her foreword: 'Some studies have indicated an over-representation of Asian and black offenders. 'However, it is difficult to draw conclusions about the ethnicity of offenders as existing research is limited and data collection is poor. This is disappointing because community and cultural factors are clearly relevant to understanding and tackling offending.' Source

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Kamala's Border Crisis

When You Missed Your Tram

'Monster' Nursing Assistant, Reta Mays, 46, Given Seven Life Sentences - One For Each Of The Elderly Veterans She Killed With Lethal Injections Of Insulin

'Monster' nursing assistant, 46, is given seven life sentences - one for each of the elderly veterans she killed with lethal injections of insulin while working overnight shifts at a VA center - after Googling 'female serial killers' 

A nursing assistant who murdered seven elderly veterans at a VA hospital in West Virginia has been sentenced to seven life sentences - one for each of the victims. Reta Mays, 46, claimed that she was ending her victims' suffering once she was caught by police, but investigators found she was fascinated with serial killers and had researched them online. She killed Robert Edge Sr., Robert Kozul, Archie Edgell, 84, George Shaw Sr, 81, Felix McDermott, 82, Raymond Golden, and W.A.H. - identified as William Alfred Holloway, 96 between 2017 and 2018 while working the night shift. According to police, she would stand by afterwards and watch her colleagues try to revive them after giving them fatal insulin injections. U.S. District Judge Thomas Kleeh told her 'you knew what you were doing' before sentencing her to seven consecutive life terms, a punishment that means she'll likely die in prison 'Several times your counsels made the point that you shouldn´t be considered a monster. Respectfully, I disagree with that. You are the worst kind. You´re the monster that no one sees coming,' he said. Mays cried and apologized in addressing the court briefly before learning her sentence. 'I know that there´s no words that I can say that would alter the families´ pain and comfort,' she said. 'I don't ask for forgiveness because I don't think I could forgive anyone for doing what I did.' Source

Israeli Soldiers Attacking An Old Palestinian Woman As She's Giving Away Free Chocolate

McD Freakout

The Affects Of Long Term Drug Use