Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sodomite Music Teaching Specialist Contaminated Flutes With Semen.......

Parents express shock over flutes possibly tainted with semen and given to schoolchildren; little health risk seen

As state and federal officials investigate how batches of plastic flutes believed to be contaminated with semen were distributed in the spring to schools in Southern California, parents expressed shock at the allegations while health experts said exposure to the flutes likely posed little risk to students. Officials believe 14 school districts are possibly affected. including ones in Saugus, the Newport Beach-Costa Mesa area and Fountain Valley. Susan Castellanos was PTA president last school year at Fountain Valley’s Courreges Elementary School, one of those schools possibly affected. She said Monday that her son, who was then in fifth grade and participating in Flutes Across the World, has a decorated flute from the program. She will hand it over to authorities to help with their investigation, she said. “It’s just so disheartening,” Castellanos said of the case. Authorities are investigating a music teaching specialist suspected of contaminating musical instruments with semen. The suspect has not been identified. Source

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