Monday, July 10, 2017

Snowflake Reporter Bill Clark Throws Fit Over Traffic Stop

A white newspaper columnist from Missouri has set off controversy and was suspended after he published an opinion piece last month attacking sheriff’s deputies for pulling him over, and likening his experience to that of 'minority motorists.' Columbia Daily Tribune columnist Bill Clark, better known to his readers by his folksy nom de plume, 'Ol' Clark,' hit out at the Boone County Sheriff's Office in his June 30 column, titled, 'Ol' Clark has run-in with the law,' which delivered a dramatic account of a recent incident where the veteran journalist was pulled over for failure to use his right turn signal. The main thesis of the 838-word article was that the deputies had unfairly targeted Clark for his left-leaning beliefs, as displayed in 'liberal bumper stickers' on the back of his car, treated him with 'arrogance' throughout their interaction and left him feeling as if his life was in danger.  Daily Mail>>>>>

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