Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Got Another Holiday Jumper! This Time Rich Guy Gives Away Money & Jumps To His Death!

Gives away all his money to "education" & "environmental" causes? Then jumps to his death.

An idiot when making money - an idiot when giving it away - an idiot at his final end!

A multi-millionaire killed himself yesterday by jumping off the his luxury apartment building in Manhattan after giving away his millions. Robert Wilson was an 86-year-old Wall Street mogul whose personal fortune was estimated to be about $800million- but he recently told friends he had given all but $100million to charity. He apparently could not give away the rest because it was tied up in long-term investments. He jumped from his 16th-floor apartment in the luxury San Remo building on Manhattan's Upper West Side on Monday. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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