Thursday, March 6, 2014

Muslim Man Shuhel Mahboob Ali Flew To Florida To Have Sex With Underage Girl And Get Her Pregnant So He Could Live Out 'Incest' Fantasy

A British man who was caught by an undercover agent posing as the father of an underage girl has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Shuhel Mahboob Ali told the 'father' online that he wanted to have sex with her and raise a 'daughters-only' family so that he could carry out a sick incest fantasy. Ali believed that the agent was arranging for him to be set up with his daughter, and Ali told how he wanted to 'settle down with a girl and raise a couple of daughters for "the lifestyle,"' according to the criminal complaint. From January to April 2013, Ali communicated with the undercover agent online and described in harrowing detail how he would abuse their fictitious children. He said that 'once the mid-wife left' he would begin to sexually assault their daughter.'When you start with very, very, very young, you can mold them to believe anything and do anything you see,' he said according to the criminal complaint obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

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