Friday, August 21, 2015

Child Molesting Subway Guy Jared Fogle Is A JEW!

Is Jared Fogle Jewish? 
Jared Fogle 
Well, to make a long story short, Jared Fogle is Jewish! 
Since Jared Fogle's mother is Jewish, and in Judaism one's religion is based on one's mother's religion, then that makes him also Jewish. His father is Jewish too. 
Jared Fogle was born on December 1, 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.. 
He is known as the Subway Guy, is a spokesman employed by Subway in its advertising campaigns. He is known for his significant weight loss, now known as the "Subway diet", attributed to eating Subway sandwiches, which led to his role promoting the company Is>>>>>
Not surprising.  Other than pointing out the fact that the man is a Jew - I see nothing else to add.

A Florida woman says she alerted the FBI about Jared Fogle’s activities after the former Subway spokesman confided his interest in having sex with minors to her years ago. Former journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond revealed that she spent more than four years recording conversations she had with Fogle for authorities. On Wednesday, Fogle agreed to plead guilty to one count of travel to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor involving two underage prostitutes and one count of distribution and receipt of child pornography involving 12 children. Now, Herman-Walrond has said she did not know why Fogle would have confided in her, but said: ‘Jared Fogle is a monster. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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