Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sins Of Gluttony #13: Meet The Fattest Man In Colombia NOVUS ORDO CATHOLIC FATSO SAYS GLUTTONY IS NO LONGER A SIN!

The fattest man in Colombia had to call on a team of 20 men and a fire truck to take him to a weight-loss clinic so that he could receive urgent life-changing treatment. After gorging on a diet of junk food for decades Oscar Vasquez Morales, 44, who clocks in at 63 stones - around 400kg or 882lbs - was warned that if he did not lose weight his condition would cost him his life. In desperation he reached out to a local heart foundation, in the city of Palmira, and thankfully its team of specialists agreed to help him with a series of assessments and tests at their centre. However, before he began his vital treatment he faced another obstacle – leaving his house. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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