Friday, July 22, 2016

VIDEO Of Philippines Possession: Woman Possessed By Demons

Screaming 'possessed' woman howls in chillingly deep voice as exorcist tries to free her of demonic GOBLINS
This incredible video claims to show a woman undergoing an exorcism after being 'possessed by goblins'. The original clip, filmed in the Philippines, shows more than seven minutes of an exorcism performed on a woman, possibly a teenager. She can be seen mumbling and screeching while sat in a chair, her eyes rolling about and bulging in her head while a look of shock appears on her face now and then. The video shows her, arms outstretched, as she breaths deeply and speaks in a bizarre, deep voice. A man then approaches her and puts his hand on her head, apparently starting the exorcism. Surrounded by other men and women he begins talking to the woman as he 'rids her' of the 'demon'. Later he and the others douse the woman in a liquid, thought to be holy water.The woman, who has not been named, then begins screaming as she appears to be in pain and she pulls terrifying faces. According to reports , she had claimed to have been possessed by duwendes. Duwendes, or duendes, are fairy or goblin-like mythical creatures from Latin American and Filipino folklore. They are thought to be mischievous spirits that can be found in houses and cause problems for families. In the Phillipines, they are said to hide or even take away small children and live in rocks and caves, old trees, unvisited and dark parts of houses or in ant hills. Both 'good' and 'evil' duwendes are said to exist and often play with children. Mirror Read More>>>>>>

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