Sunday, April 6, 2014

Godless Soul Larry Clinton's Dying Wish To Be Cremated & Stored In A Mayo Jar!

Fifteen years ago, when Larry Clinton first revealed his chosen recipe for having his ashes stored after death, family members thought he was spreading it on a little thick. A stately urn — not a glass Duke’s mayonnaise jar — is the typical container of choice after cremation, they thought. Clinton’s request persisted as time passed, however, evolving into a running chuckler among friends and relatives. His love of the thick, tangy concoction knows no bounds, whether it’s slopped between two pieces of white bread with tomatoes or bananas or smeared on everything from biscuits and cheese to pears and peaches. “Anything I put it on just seems to make it better,” said Clinton, 67, of Bessemer City. When his oldest daughter needed help in fulfilling her father’s request, officials of the Southern staple came through. The C.F. Sauer Co. shipped a care package with two empty, classic glass Duke’s mayonnaise jars, as well as two modern plastic containers full of the coveted condiment. The kicker was the 10 personalized labels that came in the cardboard box. The Duke’s logo has a red ribbon that typically beckons buyers with the enticing phrase “Smooth & Creamy.” But the company’s specially made labels replaced that with “Larry Eugene Clinton.” “Really,” said daughter Teresa Clinton Edge, who emailed C.F. Sauer in Richmond, Va. “It’s just overwhelming they would take the time to do this.” Gaston Gazette Read More>>>

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