Saturday, October 3, 2015

GLUTTONY #1: 'I Finally Accept Myself The Way I Am'...SO I'LL POSE NUDE.....


This getting ridiculous, now the world is suppose to embrace the sin of gluttony as if it is now a virtue. People who eat too much are gluttons. Gluttons for those that don't know is a sin, it is one of the deadly sins. Deadly as in mortal meaning that if you die in that state like 300lb Mama Case choking on a ham sandwich, you'll end up in hell. Yes that's right, gluttonous pigs go straight to hell. Their god is their gullet.

Here read about this demented glutton who wants you to love her sin of gluttony and praise her for her overeating.:

A model who has worn 16 different sizes throughout her career as she suffered from body dysmorphia and an eating disorder has revealed why she ultimately decided to pose nude and share the photos with the world.. Emily Nolan, 29, is one of the many women featured in photographer Victoria Janashvili's body-positive coffee table book Curves, which celebrates fuller-figured women. However, Emily explained in an essay for Mind Body Green that she was reluctant at first to show people the stunning images. 'I hid these beautiful photos in a folder on my computer for months, primarily because I thought there was no way I’d share nude photos of myself, and online to boot!' she wrote. 'I finally decided to share them, though because it takes courage to share the truth.' Daily Mail Read More>>>>.

I title this post Gluttony#1 because there will be many more Gluttony posts to come. Daily Mail is a parade of freak show and is a good source for all things horrible in this world.

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  1. Heavier people are simply not all gluttons. And accepting oneself physically is NOT the need for praise. In fact. It may just be the appreciation of God's gift even with all It's flaws. Being judgemental is an ugly habit.