Sunday, November 29, 2015

SEX Experts Warn Of Big Rise In Sex Attacks On Horses – And Say There Are 10,000 People In Switzerland ‘Predisposed’ Towards Twisted Interest In Animals...THEY'RE CALLED MUSLIMS!!! LOL!!!

See what happens when you flood your country with Muslims? They rape your women and daughters and sons and now they want to rape your Horses!!!
  • At least one Swiss horse is being sexually assaulted every three days
  • Last year alone, there were 105 people prosecuted for horse zoophilia
  • It is feared that the true figure is far higher as offenders escape justice
  • A recent report claims 10,000 Swiss are sexually interested in animals
And you thought to label Muslims as Goat Fuckers was derogatory:
Experts warn of big rise in sex attacks on horses – and say there are 10,000 people in Switzerland ‘predisposed’ towards twisted interest in animals

Swiss animal rights workers fear there are 10,000 people roaming the nation with an unnatural sexual interest in horses. According to new figures, there were a record 1,709 cases of animal cruelty in Switzerland last year, with at least one horse suffering sexual abuse every three days. At a press conference in Zurich, animal rights organisation Tier im Recht outlined the scale of the abuse, with is thought to be under reported. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

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