Friday, January 26, 2018

Shit Hole India: Husband Kills 'Social Media Addict' Wife Because She Forgot To Cook Dinner

Husband kills 'social media addict' wife because she forgot to cook food 

In a shocking case, a man killed his wife in Kolkata, West Bengal, because she forgot to cook food. The accused, Surajit Pal, revealed that his wife Tumpa Pal was addicted to social media due to which she forgot to cook food. Surajit, a resident of Alipore Road at Chetla area, surrendered at Lalbazar police headquarters on Thursday and confessed that he killed his wife Tumpa over her use of social media. He said that he killed his wife "out of anger."  Police said that Surajit thought that his wife was having an extramarital affair because she used to spend time on social media.  On Wednesday, Surajit came home for lunch and asked his wife to serve food. According to reports, Tumpa was so busy checking social media profiles that she forgot to cook food and this angered him.  He even threatened her with a knife, but she continued to check her phone. Furious over her behaviour, Surajit hit her on the head and strangled her to death with a towel.  "He had asked his wife to serve him food, but she was doing something on her mobile. This offended him to an extent that he attacked her with a chopper and then strangulated her.   Source

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