Thursday, November 1, 2018

This Is How Tattooed Fornicating Scum Zachary Paul Koehn & Cheyanne Harris Celebrate Christmas....Later...Both Get Arrested For Killing Their Bastard Child With Diaper Rash....

I Bet They Even Took The Day Off From Their Work.....

Court hears how four-month-old boy's maggot-infested body was found in a baby swing after he went unchanged for a week and died of extreme 'diaper rash' as his father faces trial for murder

A court heard devastating testimony about how a four-month-old baby boy's maggot-infested body was found after he died of extreme 'diaper rash' at the start of his father's trial for murder. Sterling Koehn had been in the same diaper for nine to 14 days when his body was found in the swing August 30, 2017, at his parents' apartment in Alta Vista, jurors were told. The baby's father, 29-year-old Zachary Paul Koehn, is charged with murder and child endangerment. Source

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