Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Sins Of Gluttony #72: 293lb Woman Admits Murdering Boyfriend By Smothering Him With Her Stomach Fat

133 kilogram US woman admits murdering boyfriend by smothering him with her stomach fat 

A 133 kilogram US woman murdered her boyfriend by smothering him with her stomach during a row, a court heard. Windi Thomas pleaded guilty to the third-degree murder of Keeno Butler, who died from suffocation. Thomas, 44, also hit Mr Butler with a table leg during the fight, a court in Pennsylvania was told. She then lay on top of her boyfriend, who weighed around nine stone, and used her stomach to prevent him from breathing, Jet 24 reports.Lawyer Mark Del Duca added that it was not her intention to kill her partner. He added: “The actual cause of death is she collapsed on him and he basically died of suffocation."She claimed to have woken later and realised what she had done and called police herself. Prosecutors say she had also stabbed him in the hand and head and beat him severely in the head with the table leg. Thomas will be sentenced on December 21. Source

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