Thursday, March 28, 2019

Atheist Joseph Deluca, 54, Arrested For Throwing Hot Coffee In The Face Of McDonald's Employee

Man arrested for throwing hot coffee in the face of McDonald's employee

A man could serve 16 years in prison for throwing hot coffee on a McDonald’s employee when she asked to see his receipt. Joseph Deluca, 54, of Cleveland, Ohio, was arrested on March 5th for injuring the fast-food worker in February. According to Fox 8, Deluca pulled up to the restaurant’s drive-thru window at 12:30 p.m. and ordered one cup of coffee. The employee, 48, accidentally handed him two cups and when she re-checked his order, she asked to see Deluca’s receipt. Deluca reportedly laughed and said he ordered both cups. After the employee asked for his receipt again, Deluca whipped the tray of hot coffee in her face before driving off. The store’s security cameras archived the excruciating injury that hospitalized the employee at MetroHealth Medical Center for neck and shoulder pain. Source

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