Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Pot Smoking Female Gives Chase In Stolen RV

A woman driving a stolen RV with two dogs in her lap led police on a wild 60mph chase through the streets of Santa Clarita, near Los Angeles in Southern California on Tuesday evening. The chase began around 7pm when authorities tried to pull the vehicle over. She drove the RV recklessly through the streets weaving in and out of traffic at high speed, plowing into at least six cars and a palm tree tree before finally coming to a halt with a large dog hanging out of the shattered windshield. Her driving was so erratic and dangerous that one of her two dogs leaped out of the broken front window and tumbled onto the road. The driver, described as a woman in her 40s, was arrested at the end of the chase is being held on suspicion of several felony charges, including hit and run and animal cruelty. Investigators say that this may be a DUI case, according to Good Morning America. Source

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