Thursday, November 7, 2019

Sodomite Shoves A Screwdriver Up His Ass......

Man has an eight-inch SCREWDRIVER removed from his rectum after pushing it so far up it poked through his intestine and nearly killed him

A 46-year-old man had a screwdriver pulled out of his rectum after pushing it inside himself and leaving it there for a week. In a disturbing case report, doctors revealed the man suffered a perforated bowel as a result and was left critically ill. He had arrived at a hospital in Florida with life-threatening septic shock because of bacteria which got into his bloodstream through the injury. But only when a CT scan was performed did doctors find the tool responsible, which measured 8.2inches long by 1.1inches wide (21cmx3cm).After surgery, the unidentified man needed surgery to cut away rotting flesh from inside his buttock after it became infected. He survived, and is believed to be the first reported case of this kind. It is not clear which end of the screwdriver was inserted first. It is also unclear why he inserted the screwdriver in the first place, but he has since needed treatment for psychiatric disorders. Source

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