Thursday, August 11, 2022

Naked Black Man Wielding A Machete Walks Into Street, Yells At Vehicles Near Gas Station

A Florida man, completely naked and armed with a machete, ended up lying on his stomach and arrested after trying to steal another man's clothes Monday. Brandon Wright, 34, was allegedly picking palmetto berries in the woods in the town of DeLand, officials in Volusia County say. Wright suddenly wielded a large, machete-style knife and demanded that a nearby surveyor give him his clothes, wallet and phone, according to QFox13. The surveyor started to comply until Wright threw the machete and some of the berries he'd collected at him. Luckily, the sword hit the surveyor by the handle and bounced off his chest. He then made off into the woods before getting into a white Dodge Challenger and trying to make his getaway. Source

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