Saturday, July 11, 2015

UGLY IS IN! FLAUNT YOUR FAT ASS SO ALL THE WORLD CAN MARVEL! Proud Fat Olympian Amanda Bingson Posses Nude For ESPN To Show Off Her Ugliness

Is This Really Necessary?

In case you haven't caught on yet there is a demented campaign run by Sodomites, Slaves & Women that want to exploit ugliness in all its forms. The more ugly and hideous the more it should be displayed. Back in the day when when decency reign ugliness was covered up. But this is 2015 and ugly has to come out.

From Caitlyn Jenner to breast feeding in public - its all out there.

Its in your face 24/7.

But I say this freak show is not gone far enough yet - I say that these lovers of ugliness should go a step further and stick cameras in every one of their orifices so that the images can be plastered on the Internet 24/7. Hell take pics of the shit you just took and post on facebook and claim that you were bullied by your mother while being potty trained. Yea fight back take that dump and take a pic of it so that you won't be a victim of shit bulling!  Fuckin' Morons!

The more ugly the better!

Celebrate your ugliness so that no one will bully you!

Has anyone caught on yet that the real bullies are the ones who claim to be bullied & to rectify being bullied these morons have to shove their ugliness down our throats 24/7.

Again...Aristotle said that slaves and women live best under democracy, and it looks like Aristotle was right - enjoy this  Democratic freak show put on by slaves and women.

Here is the story of a fat bully who wants to cram her fatness down your gullet!

Posing nude takes a certain level of confidence, and while Team USA Track & Field hammer thrower Amanda Bingson proudly shed her clothes and showed off her powerful 210lb figure as one of the cover stars of ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue, the athlete admits that she hasn’t always been as confident about her body. The 25-year-old, who lives in Texas, empowered women around the country with the beautiful images of her throwing hammers in the buff, shattering the stereotype that athletes need to be a certain shape or size. But in a recent interview with, Amanda opened up about the cruel jibes and hateful comments she has faced in relation to her weight, revealing that she was once told that she was ‘too fat’ to be seen with. 'I was always the big girl on campus,' she said. ‘My heritage is Filipino and German, and so we naturally have a bigger frame, so I'd always been bigger. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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