Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Assemblies Of God Skank Kim Davis 'The Lord Rules My Life...'Cept In All My Marriages'........Pontificates To Others On Who Can Marry

The Christian county clerk imprisoned for refusing to issue gay marriage licences says she is being bombarded with hateful messages and being called everything from 'Hitler' to 'homophobe'. In a new interview with ABC News on Tuesday, Kim Davis, the clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, breaks down as she explains: 'What probably hurt me the worst is when someone tells me that my God does not love me or that my God is not happy with me, that I am a hypocrite of a Christian.' However, Davis remained resolute in her protesting of same-sex marriage and her refusal to give up her job. 'I'm good at my job,' Davis said. 'I have friends who are gay and lesbian and they know where I stand and we don't agree on this issue and we're OK because we respect each other.' When asked what authority she as county clerk answers to, Davis said: 'My constituents elected me but the main authority that rules my life is the Lord.' Daily Mail Read More>>>>

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