Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pagan Worshippers Hang Themselves By Their Piercings In Charak Puja Festival

Spectacular images have captured the celebrations of Charak Puja, a Hindu folk festival held in southern Bangladesh and West Bengal. Celebrated on the last day of the last month in the Nepali calendar, people believe the festival will eliminate the sorrow and sufferings of the previous year and carry prosperity into the next. In this festival a human 'Charak' is made to satisfy the Lord Shiva. The 'Charak' is tied with a hook on his back and then he is moved around a bar with a long rope. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

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  1. "Lord" Shiva is a henpecked husband with serious anger-management issues. Between him and the pervert "Lord" Krishna, I am sure all the devotees of these false gods are filling up the cup of God's wrath. =)