Saturday, September 1, 2018

Atheist James Eddy Pierson Got Caught Pouring Large Jar Of PISS Over Neighbor’s SUV.....

Deputies in Thousand Oaks have accused a man of pouring a large jug of urine on his neighbor's vehicle and they released video of the incident. They say on August 22nd, deputies responded to the 2800 block of Amber Wood Place in Thousand Oaks to a report of a vandalism. According to the 72-year-old victim, someone had poured a large amount of urine on his SUV that was parked in his driveway. The victim produced a home security camera video of the incident. Based on that, and other information gained through their investigation, deputies identified 55-year-old James Eddy Pierson of Thousand Oaks as the suspect. Pierson is a neighbor of the victim. Deputies say they also determined there was a prior incident in which a large amount of urine was poured on the victim's front doormat. Damage to the SUV was placed at $2,000. On Thursday, a search warrant was served at Pierson's residence and deputies say they located evidence allegedly connecting him to the incident. They say they also found evidence of alleged methamphetamine use. Deputies say they arrested Pierson for felony vandalism, elder abuse, and a drug-related charge. Source

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