Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Instagram Star 'Bikini Hiker' Gigi Wu Falls Off Mountain Dies Of Exposure....

A social media star famous for taking photos on top of mountains in a bikini has died after a tragic fall. According to Newsweek, Gigi Wu, also known as the “Bikini Hiker” or “Bikini Climber,” depending on translation, was famous for her stunning photos on social media. Wu would climb to tops of mountainous peaks and document her adventures in an unconventional way: by always appearing in her photos in a bikini. On Saturday, however, Wu was found dead by rescue workers after falling about 65 feet into a valley near Mabolasi Mountain in Taiwan’s Yushan National Park, Newsweek reported. She had been on a solo hike for eight days, according to Buzzfeed News. Wu had contacted friends via satellite phone on Jan. 19 just after her fall, according to Taiwan News. This was the last contact she had with anyone before her death. Source

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