Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Indian Dentist Deep Karan Dhillon Sets 5 Year-old Girl's Mouth On Fire

Parents of girl, 5, sue dentist after 'the tool he was using to put crowns on her teeth set her mouth on FIRE and left her disfigured'

Parents of a five-year-old girl are suing a dentist, claiming the tool he was using while putting crowns on her teeth set her mouth on fire and left her disfigured. The parents - who have not been named - recently filed a lawsuit alleging that the incident occurred at Just For Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics in Las Vegas while their child was having multiple crowns put on her teeth. According to the lawsuit, obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the parents said that while the girl was under anesthetic, dentist Deep Karan Dhillon used a tool called a diamond bur to file down the enamel on the teeth. It created a spark which 'caused the throat pack in (the girl's) mouth to ignite and produce a fire' which lasted about one or two seconds. Source

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