Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Stand-Up Comedian Frank King Spreading CORONAVIRUS At His Shows....LOL!

American comedian broke quarantine while he was stuck on the Westerdam coronavirus cruise ship in Cambodia and got a flight home

A stand-up comedian who was quarantined in Cambodia after traveling on a cruise ship where a passenger tested positive for coronavirus has broken quarantine and defied security guards to return to the United States, reportedly without waiting for his test results. Frank King, from Oregon, who had been stranded on MS Westerdam after a coronavirus scare on board the ship, chose to evade security at the hotel he was staying and return home for paid speaking engagements he had lined up. King, who has worked as a performer for Holland America for ten years, has been sacked by the cruise operator, Fox 12 reported, and forced to cancel the first of the three speaking gigs on suicide prevention that he had planned amid media attention over his decision to flee quarantine. Source

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