Monday, March 1, 2021

Crazy Perverted Baptist Preacher Jack Schaap Polishing His Shaft.....


Then This.....

MARCH 2013

The Five Most Revolting Details from the Evidence in the Jack Schaap Case

1) Schaap kissing the victim during counseling. “When I asked you if it was wrong, you said, ‘No,’” the girl said in a statement. “You told me that I was sent to you from God; I was his gift to you.”

2) Schaap’s claim that Christ wanted the two to be together. The two spoke on the phone or texted each other more than 600 times, according to prosecutors. In one transcript, a text from Schaap reads: “Yesterday was ‘off-the-charts!’ :)))”. Another read, in part, “[this] is exactly what Christ desires for us. He wants us to marry + become eternal lovers!”

3) Schaap’s cover stories for his numerous rendezvous with the teen. One, for his trips to an Illinois forest preserve, was that he needed to “spend time with God walking and praying.” To explain his taking the girl alone to his Michigan cabin, he told his assistant that he needed to spend extended periods of time alone with the girl to “save” her—both literally and spirtually. Investigators later recovered photos taken inside the cabin showing a grinning Schaap “on a couch in an intimate pose” with the girl and also “french-kissing [her] while touching her in a sexual manner.”

4) Schaap having sex with the teen in his office. During a church youth conference.

5) Schaap dishonoring the teen’s father and mother. “I will never forget how [he] looked me in the eyes…and told me how great my daughter was doing,” the father wrote in a victim’s impact statement. “It is sickening to me that a man who claims to be a messenger of God, with a daughter of his own, would take advantage of a young girl in such an evil and immoral manner.” Source


Former Hammond pastor convicted in sex crime asks again for compassionate release to care for parents 

A former Hammond First Baptist Church pastor convicted in 2013 of a sex crime has again asked for early release due to his parents’ failing health, court filings show. Jack Schaap, 63, is serving a 12-year federal sentence since his March 2013 conviction for taking a 16-year-old girl he was counseling across state lines to Illinois and Michigan for sex. At one point, he allegedly blamed the girl’s “aggressiveness.” In a handwritten letter dated Jan. 23 to U.S. District Judge James T. Moody, Schaap said he had not gotten a response to a letter asking for compassionate release he sent June 1. His father had fallen several times, including Jan. 23, injuring his left arm, shoulder, hip and knee, Schaap wrote. His father, 87, now can’t use his left arm and is in “deteriorating health” and is the sole caregiver for his “invalid mother.” Two weeks earlier, his mother, 84, fell injuring her back, he said, adding his parents couldn’t afford a nursing home. Source 

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