Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sent To The Slammer: David Truscott Loves To Roll Around Naked In A Big Pile Of Hot Steamy Cow Manure!

A man with a fetish for rolling naked in cow manure has been sentenced to five years in jail after he threatened to kill a family when they asked him to stop using their farm. David Truscott, 43, became obsessed with Woodbury House Farm near Redruth and carried out an eight-year campaign against the family when they tried to prevent him from using their land. He threatened to burn down the farm in West Cornwall and to attack owner Clive Roth, his wife Jackie, and their family. His hate campaign started in 2004 when he was caught rolling naked in cow pats and then banned from the property after stripping off and climbing into a spreader. Mr Truscott removed cow pats from the farm and began entering the farm to masturbate while rolling around in slurry, Judge Philip Wassall told the court on Friday. And when farmers Clive and Jackie Roth attempted to stop him by removing slurry from their fields, he became enraged. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

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